Our service is always priced based on the actual workload. Before offering a specific quotation, we will review the complete project details including final architectural/landscape drawings, camera angels, FF&E list, etc. During the process, any revisions in the reasonable range will totally be acceptable without extra fees by AIMIR.  However, there are six special situations where they need to be taken consultations between clients and AIMIR about extra charges, reschedule and influenced delivery date due to the potentially increased workload.

#1  The design is constantly changing.

Case A

If there are some extra design data our clients want to add after the specific quotation has been made, always remember that simple, minor and reasonable modifications are unconditional acceptance except for additional complicated data for the surrounding landscape, additional demand of high-precision surrounding buildings, extra data for customized complex furniture, and additional special people demand for post-production…etc

Case B

Major design change may greatly increase the workload, or sometimes equals reworking the whole rendering.

Case C

Even AIMIR is willing to accept simple and minor revisions but doesn’t mean unlimited requests are reasonable and allowed. This case usually happens at the concept design stage of the project or architect is not very certain about the design or there has no completed consensus between owner and designer with the final design effect, thus repeated tests and modifications rise to make tons of unnecessary back and forth processes. What should AIMIR and client do now? Absolutely it’s not AIMIR’s intention to charge extra fees at the beginning, we are happy to provide 3-5 times of free modifications and kindly remind clients to give us finalized feedback to return to the right track, we can on hold the project and wait patiently until clients are ready to continue.

#2 Radical change of  view angles

There is a basic principle in architectural rendering industry, which is that we do not model where cannot be seen. In other words, 3D model work is based on the initial view angles that have been chosen at the beginning. Only small adjustments are acceptable, for example, moving the camera a bit to the left/right, or turning it a few degrees up/down. Radical change such as a 180 degrees rotation will greatly increase the modeling workload, which may generate extra cost accordingly.

#3 Major Alteration of model and angle after signing the model stage confirmation letter

As you can see in our process, there are several stages in our workflow of rendering/animation. The main aim of the modeling stage is to settle down the 3D models and camera angles. Only after the stage is settled can we start rendering with textures and lighting and do some post-work. If our client requests to change the 3D model or angle a lot after the stage, the significant incremental cost and workload will be expected and creation time will be longer than expected.

#4  Requesting modification after signing the final image confirmation letter

AIMIR respects all of our clients’ opinions and is willing to make any accepted reasonable alterations before confirming the final image in order to produce high-quality renderings for our clients. Once after clients signing confirmation letter of the final image, which means the drafts of final images are deemed to have met clients’ requirements, clients are satisfied with the quality of AIMIR renderings, no additional revisions will be raised basically. However, if any changes are needed, AIMIR is willing to check out and help within our scope of acceptance, or we will consult with our clients for the potential extra fees according to the actual increased workload.

#5 Canceling view(s) after the work of it has been done

Canceling views isn’t a wise decision when we have reached an agreement. As quantity is an important factor in our quote, we may have to adjust our price based on the new number of views. In addition, the workload that has been done of the canceled view will still be charged.

#6 Change of mood or the light direction

The mood is very important for an image. It has to be determined at the beginning. As soon as we start rendering & post-work, it cannot be changed. If you really have to change it, up to 60% of the original cost will be charged. So, please be thoughtful when deciding whether you need a daytime, dusk or night view.

If you have any thoughts or doubts after reading this blog, feel free to comment below in hoping things are clear before the project starts to avoid any unhappy and misunderstanding during our collaboration. Interested in working with AIMIR CG? Get photorealistic 3D works today with our architectural visualization services!

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