3d architectural visualization is now recognized to be a necessary and significant way to describe the projects in architecture. Before construction, people may concern about the investment even though the architectural design is perfect in every way. But, with 3D visualization, architects can communicate precisely the vision of the unbuilt projects and convince potential investors. In a way, it’s hard to promote buy-ins without visualization that captures prospective customers’ interest.

Generally, there’re three types of visualization: conceptual visualization, architectural visualization, and marketing visualization.

Used at the earliest stages of a project, conceptual visualization roughly displays the idea of a project. Potential tend to buy it when they can see something in the best way possible. It’s an impactful way to sell it before deciding the intricate details of the design.

Compared with conceptual ones, architectural visualization deals with a specific design and features all the elements. It’s in wide use when architects need to negotiate with their clients about the decisions on the vital details.

Marketing visualization, as the name implies, could help sell the project to the highest bidder. As a great tool in a marketing campaign, it can engage clients’ attention and incite people’s desire. And here, we’ve collected 6 reasons why it deserves for marketing purposes.

Reason 1: Offer visual communication

When it comes to doing business, the ability to communicate with your clients is essential. 3D rendering makes it easier to sell the product in a presentation than a dead and dry description. It enables you to demonstrate what the building will look like in details step by step. The clients can explore the project with their own eyes. They can see how it will develop from beginning to end. Visual communication will dispel any further hesitations they might have.

Reason 2: Gain buy-ins

Clients always have high expectations for what they pay for. They want to make sure their input is worth and the architectural company is the right partner. In this case, 3D visualization can prove your skills well. What’s more, they will be confident in what they pay for.

Reason 3: Easy to provide different options for a project

In the era of physical prototypes, offering multiple concepts of projects takes a great amount of money and time to construct models. However, with 3D architectural visualization services, a wide range of options is available and affordable. It can not only increase your probabilities to win your clients over but also represent your company which is professional and serious in its work.

Reason 4: Easily catch problems at the beginning

When visualizing by using actual design data, it can accurately and precisely reflect how the project will look in reality. Hence, it’s easy to find out potential problems or design flaws. If you can avoid such issues, you would convince the clients at the pre-build stage and strike a deal.

Reason 5: Enable you to attract more attention

The beauty, simplicity, and extreme visual capabilities of a high-quality 3D rendering can communicate your concept in a way that no other medium can match. And a portfolio of 3D models is the best advertisement to obtain more attention. As well, showing your 3D models on your website can also market a concept or project to the public.

Reason 6: Simple to distribute Since 3D visualization is digital, you can share your 3D models with anyone all over the world in several seconds. Besides, it saves the time of transporting physical copies of drawings or renderings. No matter when and where your clients are, they only need to click your e-mail or use cloud computing to check the end product.

As we mentioned, 3D architectural visualization is a great marketing tool that sets your project apart among the competitions. The visual communication is easily marketable and shareable as well as increases the chance of winning the approval. If you’re also passionate about visualizing your design, please do not hesitate to contact AIMIR.

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