Thanks to the rapid development of high technology, today more and more architectural firms have access to 3D rendering services and can bear the cost. Designers and architects use it to present projects. But not all architects and designers have experience and skills to use 3D rendering services to the full. In addition, it requires expertise and some time. If you have no intention or ability of creating a rendering team on your own, then outsourcing is better than choosing to do it by yourself. In this way, you will access excellent rendering talents and equipment. As a 3D rendering company specialized in offering such a service, we are willing to share the reasons why you should outsource 3D rendering services. Let’s get started.


You can control the expenses on 3D rendering.

When you consider hiring an in-house rendering team for your company, you must realize that this will incur a significant expense involving salaries, office facilities, benefits, taxes and more. The better the visualization you want, the better your rendering team must be, which indicates that you have to pay more. On the one hand, you cannot make full use of your rendering team if you have a small number of projects, which means a waste of manpower and money. On the other hand, you should pay overtime to your overworked, overextended staff if there are lots of projects at the same time.


Outsourcing is a good choice that you can streamline your staff and then control your costs while preventing a decline in the quality of your products and services. By outsourcing 3D rendering, you also enjoy flexible services from veteran 3D artists. The difference is that you only have to pay the total cost of outsourcing. This is naturally more economical than hiring an entire in-house team! Fewer expenses but more gains!


You can get quality resources at your fingertips.

With the emergence of 3D architecture studios in the market, more and more industries tend to get professional support from them to enhance the competitiveness of their products or designs. To this day, it has become quite a mature business model for 3D rendering agencies to provide outsourcing services according to clients’ requirements. In this case, they are skilled and experienced in creating satisfactory renderings as well as timely adjusting their services.


As well, it is not enough to simply maintain the original strength to stand firm and remain competitive in today’s 3D rendering companies. 3D artists and agencies need to move forward, or they will fall behind. It requires them to constantly and regularly upgrade and improve their skills, software and tools. That is certainly great news for you. After all, it’s hard to ensure that your team is always up to date with cutting-edge technological developments and resources. More importantly, their employees need to invest more time and energy to acquire more knowledge and skills. All of this assures you that any first-class service will always be available, whenever and wherever you need it.


You can minimize the mistakes throughout the process.

To create a 3D rendering is a complex and delicate task. Sometimes it is inevitable to have mistakes, big or small. But even an error in size or angle can wreak havoc on a rendering project, which cannot be ignored. How can you reduce and avoid mistakes and errors? Outsourcing may help you. The project is undertaken by teams that specialize in 3D rendering. They are more professional, more perceptive, and more sensitive to minor details, so they are more likely to detect certain errors that are not readily apparent to others.


You can reduce the workload.

When you are in the architecture industry, you are bound to attend to numerous affairs days in and day out. If you want to take all matters into your own hand, the amount of work will be too burdensome. Sometimes you are tied up with other work and are not able to pay full attention to 3D renderings. While you need to prioritize everything, you should not scamp the rendering work because you have your hands full. After all, rendering effect not only directly decides whether or not you win clients, but also indirectly affects the image of your company. If you outsource this work to a professional team, it will undoubtedly reduce your workload so that you can have more energy to deal with other matters, spending relaxation time, devoting more time and working on getting clients.


You aren’t satisfied with the 3D rendering services near you.

Using 3D rendering outsourcing can break through geographical limitations. Render resources are unevenly distributed and the strengths of each studio vary. If local resources don’t meet your requirements, you are free to ask for help from talented teams around the world. And a professional company firm has the ability to provide a round the clock service based on the clients’ time zones. Why don’t you think about outsourcing to enjoy the freedom of flexibility and scalability?


You lack visual content to attract Clients

If you want to market your company’s services and make a name for yourself, social media accounts and official websites are your promotional positions today. And the content of the products and services on your accounts and websites are your business cards. If photos and words alone are not enough to attract people, it would be much better to use 3D renderings to make your presentation more powerful and memorable. Just imagine displaying your design concept beautifully in front of your audience. Does it bring you closer to your potential clients and convey your design inspiration and emotional attachment?



Now you may know why you should outsource 3D rendering services. Are you interested in getting the most compelling visuals for your project? AIMIR specializes in providing architectural visualization services. Use our 3D rendering services and we’ll turn your project into a powerful sales machine! We’re here to help move your ideas into reality.

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