Architects are always concerned about how to make an informative and visually impressive presentation to win bids, while engaging with potential clients who are known as cautious investors. So, what can be eye-catching and convey all the critical information at the meantime? 3D animation would be a great choice for architects!

With the help of 3D animation, clients are able to receive a rich vein of information and details of the building design in a very short time. This doesn’t require an expert to interpret. Here are five ways in which 3D animation conduces to an informative and visually impressive presentation.


3D Animation Presents Features From Both Internal and External Viewpoints

A good presentation ought to showcase exterior and interior features of a building tunefully. 3D animation for architects can bear this important task nicely. For instance, in a video of a house tour, audience is allowed to first view the landscape around the house from an external perspective, and then enter the rooms one by one to check design details. As the camera moves in, it is accessible to see the garden with outdoor amenities like a pool or terrace through the windows.


3D Animation Demonstrates Transitions Between Spaces

Perspectives and seamless transitions between spaces of 3D animation make it possible to present one harmonious whole. Although it is integrated by isolated 3D scenes. Therefore, just like house visitors in reality, audiences are personally on the scene. Led through the corridors, visitors can stop in each room at any time to check details and switch to another one if they like. Sometimes, audiences may feel like they are watching a movie. Because some common methods in film production are also used in modeling scene switching, such as defocus transition. Everything is so smooth. By this means, architects are capable of showing each scene, and conveying the overall concept of the house at the same time.


3D Animation Displays Functions of Design Factors and HouseholdAppliances

A house is never simply a beautiful work of art. More importantly, it has a variety of functions to make people live comfortably. However, any pictures or interpretation are too pale and feeble to explain the functions to clients. In the circumstances, 3D house tour can help a lot. It shows how household appliances and furniture work in daily life. For example, an open hearth with a log fire roaring in it. Not limited to this, it also makes audiences put themselves in the role of the owner of the house. They feel as if they are just living right here, and then become attached to it. The deeper the emotions generated by the audience, the more likely the architect will win the bid.


3D Animation Provides a View of Multiple-building Projects Thoroughly

Composed of multiple independent buildings, multi-building projects are more difficult to achieve general harmony. These independent buildings should not only show their individual characteristics in such a whole. On top of this, they need to coordinate with each other and contribute to the formation of a harmonious architectural complex. How do architects manage to present it? 3D fly-through animation comes into play.

By various visual angles and perspectives, 3D animation exhibits the relationship between individual buildings in a project, including the relative position, the distance and so on. In addition to aerial views and panoramic views, the camera also does a good job of simulating human vision. What’s more, smooth connection and transition work well to present vivid views, instead of rigid pictures. It’s all for presentation of a state of coordination and harmony.


3D Animation Shows the Visual Changes at Any Time Under Different Occasions

It’s not enough just to showcase what the house looks like at a particular time. As we all know, visual effects of a building will be quite different in the wake of changes of seasons, weather, and daylight exposure and so on. A video capable of presenting so many variations would contain a great deal of information which customers are satisfied with.

3D animation demonstrates what the house looks like during the day or night, summer or winter, sunny or rainy days, as required. This facilitates an immersive experience for clients. They may feel like they are living in this future house while previewing how the house will change in their daily life, thus feeling the multiple charms of the house.


If you want to learn more about how 3D animation makes an informative architecture project presentation, just feel free to contact our professional architectural visualization studio at [email protected]. AIMIR is always your reliable 3D ArchViz consultant to get started on your project. We are ready to offer you assistance and expertise at any time.

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