Have you ever been in such a situation where you convey your design concepts in traditional means in vain to achieve the desired effects or convince the clients? Are you looking for a simple but powerful tool which you only attach to the email and immediately helps win the clients’ approval? Whether you’re a seasoned designer with a stable group of clients or a promising architect with a rich source of inspiration, these are the main problems possible to afflict you constantly.

In this blog, we will introduce the optimal solution, architectural visualization, which is second only to the real thing. Let’s see 5 magical benefits of using 3D architectural visualization for your design process in 2022!


ArchViz facilitate effective communication with clients

Accurate and photorealistic information is the key to impress clients. That is precisely where 3D rendering comes in. It allows you to present all the details of any difficulty to people who know nothing about architecture. Besides, it gives a visual comparison between different design proposals. This makes it extremely simple to reach a consensus with your clients and convince them that your solution is the most suitable one.


ArchViz gives you incredible marketing potential

It is often said that a picture paints a thousand words. Compared with traditional photos and 2D animations, 3D rendering is much more suitable to be used in your architecture professional portfolio, especially for online marketing. Much more attractive and interactive, it promotes marketing efforts and increases fascination of your works. Including the finished project, it can also bring your creative concepts to life before you’ve laid the foundations of the building. With the help of it, you can display your inspiration and skills completely. And so, the potential clients are sure they are choosing the best.


ArchViz lends you a hand in architecture competitions

Whenever and wherever, 3D rendering is a good piece of eye-catching work. It enables you to give full play to all your talents. With its help, you can express your fantastic ideas freely which will be depicted by CGI without a mistake. In addition, high-quality rendering is so lifelike that it can show any wow factor of your project perfectly, such as the atmosphere, mood and lighting. It’s enough to appeal to the judges strongly.


ArchViz offer top-ranking PR visuals

Getting the works exposed in professional media is many architects’ ideal goal, for example, Architectural Digest and ArchDaily. However, one thing you need to prepare is high-quality visuals for release and publications. Thanks to digital renderings, achieving these is a piece of cake. You can preview a 3D rendering of the whole home, even though it hasn’t been built yet. So why not use this to let your projects speak for themselves and attract those media outlets?


ArchViz ensure social media to update daily

The digital age has turned everyone into people who enjoy sharing and obtaining information from the Internet. Therefore, each company, whether a novice company or a famous firm, all have its own social media pages. But as architects, you may have to concentrate on the design to bring your projects to perfection and may have no more energy to realize that. 3D renderings will make it easier to create breath-taking and eye-dazzling images with little efforts. More than this, your project which will be shown can be designed in different settings, such as weather, lighting and so on. In this way, you can win a high reputation and make a good impression on your potential clients.


All in all, architectural visualization is available in a wide range of capabilities for architecture, not limited to these 5 above. It is the best investment to present yourself and your visions in a confident and positive way. And this gives you more effective marketing which has greater reach for different target clients in 2022.

Are you ready to enter the world of 3D rendering that’s interactive and true to life? Contact our AIMIR’s expert and see a demo of our services! We could hardly wait to make your dream building a reality in 3D presentation!

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