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There is a very common question we have been asked thousands of times: How much does it cost? Let’s review what’s our answer for it-

This is always the hardest question to answer as each project is vastly different from the next. Because of this, prices vary a lot depending on the size of the property, the level of customization and the complexity of the tasks required to complete the job to your satisfaction. Our proposals are mainly based on the workload we undertake and on our client’s requirements, we cannot go with a fixed flat rate for different projects. But we can provide a ballpark price for a rough estimate via email/phone on knowing your requirements. Or if you are looking for a more specific price estimate on a current project, you can forward the project files to us or fill in a brief form by your most convenient way:

You will be receiving our professional feedback within 24 hours for a free estimated proposal.

Nowadays, 3D visualization has been a useful tool in architecture. The benefits of a successful 3D rendering can prove an old saying: seeing is believing. Through the 3D rendering, the clients have the opportunity to actually see what the house will look like. Compared with a hand-drawn sketch which leaves a lot to the imagination, a photorealistic rendering can communicate the architect’s idea easily and get a more positive approval.

Therefore, an architectural visualization company offering an exterior 3D rendering becomes the choice of more and more architects to present their design concept. At the same time, the cost remains a major concern for architects. How much is the exterior 3D rendering? In this post, we will share 5 points with you to help make clear what affects the cost. Hope it can remove your doubts when using 3D visualization.


Exterior 3D renderings come in different kinds of shapes and sizes. It can be a modern villa, a tall building, an estate or a shopping center. And its height and area of the building make difference to the exterior 3D rendering cost. The larger and higher the building is, the more time and money it will take.


Style is an important factor of the exterior 3D rendering cost. Some styles with complex forms and decorations require much more time and money. By and large, modernism is the easiest one to model, while high-tech and classicism needs more efforts. Baroque is the most laborious one next to Neo-Gothic.


In addition to size and style, environment also affects the exterior 3D rendering cost. There are three main types of environment: a photo, ghost building and photoreal environment.

Using a photo is easy to present the difference the project will make, which is the lowest-cost background. We can take a photo from the ground or a drone. And ghost buildings in 3D visualization are diaphanous low-poly models. It is easy and fast to create, which can highlight the architect’s vision. But if you want a lifelike rendering, photoreal environment rendering is the best choice to mesmerize the viewers. The building accompanying amazing landscape can produce the wow factor among the viewers. Such environment deserves the architects’ investment, but as a rule, it takes more money to have such a complex 3D rendering. Hence, which environment to select depends on the effect you want and the funds you have.

The Views

Different angles influence the perception of the projects. Some projects only need one angle to show its beauty, while some buildings need several perspectives to display the profoundness. The general view increases more rendering cost, followed by the bird view. And most clients will choose the general view through which we can see the largest area.


Details are the focus when it comes to the post-production stage, which can make the rendering more natural. Weather, accessories and people in the neighborhood will create a strong atmosphere of life. For example, the view of people reading in the house on a sunny day will give the clients a sense of belonging and peacefulness. Various details lead to a higher rendering price, but they can help you bring the project to life.

In summary, size, style, environment, views, and post-production are the main factors affecting the exterior 3D rendering cost. Want to preview your project using basic configuration? Want to see how these factors influence your project particularly on the cost? Want to impress your clients with a marvelous 3D animation? Contact Aimir and we will tell you some secrets to save the cost with a good-quality 3D rendering.

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