How to communicate ideas is the common concern for brands and advertisers. Maybe attracting your clients have been also a real headache for you. In the projects AIMIR has done, many companies manage to present their stunning design concepts through VR. Their firsthand experiences show that VR is not just an advanced technology applying to designers and gamers anymore. It can be a powerful device to communicate better about proposed projects.

VR in architecture is used as a promotional tool. And architects even derive many branches from it, such as 3D rendering services, 3D walkthrough, 3D visualization etc. But this is not a special case, which can be proved by the trend of “experiential marketing”. This term is widely used by anyone interested in trying VR. Moreover, wise brands and advertisers even elevate their brands and marketing efforts by using VR, which have evoked a strong response in viewers. Therefore, in this post, let’s learn together what features make VR stand out.


1) It’s Influential

Many people express their surprise after experiencing 3D walkthrough. Through VR, they can explore new constructions or anywhere else without boundaries. As the king of the experience platforms, VR can rapidly bring your audience to a new visual world. It provides the wow factor which deeply impresses them.

2) It’s Unforgettable

The public will never forget their first experience in 3D visualization design. So it is a good opportunity to connect your brand with an immersive VR experience. It speaks louder than words to show your concepts. All the splendor of the design, all of its practical benefits are here in VR – how not to remember the amazing project?

3) It’s Distinctive

For most people, VR is a novel technology. It adds an extra dimension to a 2D world, placing the viewers into virtual space and time they never see before. In this virtual world, they can open the door, turn on the light or remove the sofa. VR allows them to have a fresh and particular visual experience from the holistic view of the building and the direct interaction with everything.

4) It Improves Brands

VR is essentially a technological exercise. It adds new depth to any project. It offers a chance to link any brand to technology for advertisers, whether they themselves celebrate technology or not. And it finally achieves the goal of elevating their brand value.

5) It Communicates

Compared to other media, VR can hold the audience’s attention better. Strikingly lifelike materials, vibrant colors, vivid lights, and shadows liven up the design and form the most advantageous atmosphere. You have no chance to let your thoughts wander when immersed in VR experience. Meanwhile, serving to bridge the gap between blueprint and reality, VR helps us post more catching and engaging contents to guide clients to see our strengths.

As a communication device, VR works for the clients’ understanding of brands and advertisers’ vision. It can precisely convey the value of their projects to the clients. No wonder that VR finds lots of uses in different industries.

And at Aimir, our team also provides architectural visualization solutions. Interested in VR experience? Want to show your vision with 3D visualization? Contact us by email: [email protected]. We will create a photorealistic visual experience that will communicate your ideas better than a thousand words.

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