Whether you’re planning to tackle DIY remodeling projects, or you’re an architect or interior designer, you can’t deny the value of home renovation or remodeling. Among things you need to consider, such as how to communicate to a contractor and how to mitigate costs, you’ll need to pay great attention to how to translate your interest ideas into reality. 3D architectural visualization is here to help.

No matter it is an outdated house or old apartment, a place can be a real palace after some work. But the problem is there is always a hard time picturing your idea to the potential buyers. With the aid of 3D architectural visualization, this issue is solve immediately with a fast and cost-effective way.

Still can’t decide whether you should consider this tool? Read on and find 5 benefits of 3D architectural visualization for your home remodeling project.


1. Detailed Elaborate your Vision

Explaining the concept of your home remodeling in words or simple sketch plans can be challenging. In fact, it might be not enough to have a full set of floor plans and sketches. So why not try 3D architectural visualization? Nothing feels more satisfying than seeing your design brought to life.

Architectural visualization uses reliable software to map out every desired space in greater detail. From a tiny floor tile to a unique-designed lamp, 3D architectural visualization can always find a way to showcase the exterior and interior in the most photorealistic manner.

Beside, a well-placed lighting effect, proper people and other necessary stuff can add a more realistic visual result for the property. What’s more, an animation or virtual reality experience can guide the viewers a strong clarity of your vision.


2. Save Time and Money

This is for sure because you can see what your design would look like and don’t have to actually renovate or remodel the property. A home remodeling project may confront with unanticipated cost that exceed your budget. If you use 3D architectural visualization as a tool, you can try various plans until it fits your budget.

On the other hand, if there is any change of mind during construction, 3D architectural visualization is the best tool. You can see the result in visuals instead of change the design on construction site. Let’s take a chair as an example: you or your client may not happy with the material. The cost of making a couple of models with a range of materials is going to stack up the expenses quickly. By having a 3D visualization tool, you can go with any material and get the final effect in a cheap and cheerful price.


3. Creating Comprehensive 3D Floor Plans

With traditional way where 2D floor plans are used, it is not possible to get a comprehensive view of the interior space of a property. However, thanks to the advance in technology, 3D floor plans are available for extreme precise amount of space in every room and have the possible layout in advance.

Floor plans focus on layout and size instead of designs, which allows the viewers to start planning how the home will actually work for them. As a result, 3D floor plans are the best tool to show off a property in the best light.


4. Easy to Work with your Client’s Feedback

During a project, it is crucial to be on the same page for various parties. However, you may find it difficult to do so, especially when expressing requests and exchanging ideas.

In order to fully understand each other, no matter you’re a designer, a client, a house owner, or constructor, an easy-to-read realistic 3D architectural visualization will speak for itself. From exterior to interior, the visual will clearly demonstrate every corner of the home.

In this way, parties who are involved in this home remodeling project will have a thorough view of the vision. At the same time, any suggestions or requests will be more easily pointed out on the works.


5. Real-time Design to Get Approvals

3D architectural visualization makes it possible to share your working process with the audience. Real-time process of the design is visible through 3D renderings, animations or virtual reality. So, don’t hesitate to change or modify anything even during the construction.

In case of a project that has the probability to affect the neighborhood in any manner, it is vital to win approvals for the upcoming home remodeling project. Nevertheless, the photorealistic 3D visualization works probably is the best way to win their support.


How to Choose the Right 3D Architectural Visualization Studio?


As you can see the benefits of using 3D architectural visualization services for your home remodeling project, if you’re currently looking for a service provider, there are a couple of points needed to pay attention.

Make sure the check their portfolio first. Go to their website or any social media, see what types of services they’re providing, and the quality of their works. Normally, experienced and reliable companies have a professional portfolio, so consider asking for it.

The next is to get to know their working process, their turnaround time, and possible cost. All these information should be available on their website or upon request. AIMIR has summarized 10 Qualities Best ArchViz Studios Share here.



As you can see, these are the 5 main benefits 3D architectural visualization can bring to your home remodeling project. No matter who you are, 3D architectural visualization services help show your prospects that the properties are really worth buying / living.

Looking for professional 3D architectural visualization services? Consult AIMIR now with your exciting project, and let us stun you with photorealistic visuals in no time!

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