In architecture or relevant areas, 3D rendering projects are widely considered as an integral part of the workflow. Although creating a lifelike 3D rendering is both difficult and time-consuming, on-time delivery is very important since it serves as a preparation for the future building. This explains why clients of AIMIR usually initiate the project in advance to allow more time for production.

However, the unexpected always happens. For instance, investors may alter the presentation date. The team, therefore, has to finish the rendering as soon as possible. It is challenging but not unsolvable. It requires experience and a strong backup. With rich experience in handling such situations, a professional CG company like AIMIR that has a huge team of customer support and talented 3D artists, even if it is pressed by time, knows how to guarantee efficient workflow and catch up with the deadlines. In addition, understanding from clients is also indispensable for completing urgent projects. Mutual trust and support play an important role to succeed. Hence, in this blog, we will share 4 tips to deal with emergent deadlines without scarifying quality.

1. Set an exact deadline for urgent projects

A clear deadline not only states priorities for the project managers but also prevents misunderstanding. When the time is set accurately, it establishes a clear goal and helps to concentrate on the task. In this way, project managers not only can manage the time appropriately but also correctly distribute the workload, which enables PM to monitor the whole process and make sure every step is on the right track.

In addition, always remember the jet lag when setting the deadline. Sometimes, the time difference causes troubles in international cooperation. For instance, if clients set the DDL in New York time on 13:00, Nov. 29, AIMIR will submit the final 3D rendering 13 hours ahead of this time. However, this little detail is easily overlooked, leading to the unnecessary delay of the whole project. Consequently, it is recommended to specify the deadline in the GMT format as specify as you could.

2. Carefully review the details before sending through

Informative and understandable project details are essential for creating a beautiful 3D rendering. The well-prepared information greatly avoids misunderstanding. However, some clients may throw a pile of information with CG company without specifying what’s important. So significant details can easily be ignored unintentionally. Moreover, it will cause double times to sort out the information. As a result, this situation is likely to lead to unpleasant results. To avoid this, reviewing all the files before submitting them to AIMIR is necessary, not to mention those efforts of ensuring that the latest and most accurate version is submitted. It would be appreciated that the clients would take a few minutes to review the project, confirming that the files are timely and error-free.

3. Keep in touch closely and provide feedback timely

Efficient communication should be listed as the top priority when urgency comes out. The timely docking of working progress ensures that the goals and progress are consistent. Since the lack of communication, it is a common misunderstanding that everyone is keeping their schedule and working progress in sync. However, it isn’t the way it works. In reality, one party may fail to keep up with another one. To solve the problem of poor communication, AIMIR will arrange a daily interactive time with our client to discuss the current problems with the project and provide feedback. After communication, a comprehensive report will be sent to clients so as to make sure everyone is on the same page and solve the problem together. In this way, the efficiency of communication is comprehensively improved.

4. For urgent tasks, a detailed report is required

An informative report is critical for making a quick response, especially when the schedule is rather tight. The more information we get, the better we can understand the project. In emergency situations, there is not enough time for brainstorming and lengthy discussion. Time is left for making quick decisions and assignments. Hence, a high-informative report can quickly bridge the information gap between the clients and the studio. It is advised that clients should provide a 3D rendering brief with as many details and materials as possible. Listing all the furniture, décor, or landscape that you want to address into the rendering, informing the effect you’d like to achieve, reduces unnecessary back and forth. To provide detailed information is key to save time and better manage the workflow.

Emergency situations are inevitable. Ordinary studios may be able to work when there is no accident, but only a well-trained one can perform tasks under various situations with ease. At the same time, the client’s understanding and cooperation is also an indispensable part to complete the urgent project. Hope our clients will benefit from implementing that helpful advice into their future projects. If you’re interested in 3D rendering service, please feel free to contact us. AIMIR as a professional CG company is the best choice to safeguard your projects.

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