In this case study, we’d like to introduce the process of creating atmospheric 3D renderings for this fabulous mixed-use project: Avery Central aka. Miami Station tower. This project is for one of AIMIR’s long-term clients – O* Architects. They are a dynamic and creative design team based in Miami, Florida.

3D renderings for this project were for reporting to UDRB (Urban Development Review Board) in Miami and are used for presenting to the public now. AIMIR is more than thrilled to participate in this exciting project. We have created four phases of the tower design.

Please follow us to start the journey of Miami Station tower project: a project from 2019 to 2021.


About Miami Tower


Downtown Miami is Miami’s bustling epicenter, packed with gleaming skyscraper, sweeping bay views, and hidden corners to explore. Gadiel from O* Architects pictured their vision of this new Miami Station tower – a 39-story building at 539 feet above ground.

The new Miami Station tower will add a new line to Downtown Miami. It will feature 200,234 square feet of office space, 309 apartment units, 8,508 square feet of commercial space and 510 parking spaces. At the same time, amenities would include a 22nd floor amenity deck and a rooftop pool.

For the excellent exterior design, O* Architects chose to use long horizontal and diagonal strips of white metal cladding, perforated gray metal panels, decorative metal louvered panels and garage screen. The façade of the tower is covered with blue-tinted floor-to-ceiling glass panels.

As such a huge change to local community, O* Architects needed 3D renderings to report to UDRB and concerning authorities. The plan was approved in June 2021.

There are four phases throughout this rendering project:




The 3D model of the tower was pre-created in 3ds Max. Since the design should meet the local government’s requirements, the model changed several times during the whole process. As a result, there were 4 phases from 2019 to 2021.



Texturing & Lighting


In order to show this magic-like tower in 3D renderings, Gadiel and AIMIR had extreme strict requirements on the materials. This blue-toned building has various materials, and Gadiel, as considerate as he is, provided detailed plans for texturing during each stage.

Initial markups for material references.

The tower is clad in a glass & metal skin, and the low-rise podium containing parking is stone and pre-case panels. Visitors can get access to commercial spaces on the ground floor. Therefore, it is crucial to present the ground level as detailed and realistic as possible.

Rendering material plans for podium elevation.

As to the lighting, Gadiel was certain that they wanted all of the renderings to have a clear-sky daytime mood. This was because these 3D renderings were mainly for reporting purposes. Thus, a clear image would be a safe option for a complete presentation.


Phases of the Podium

The architect had put a lot of effort in the façade of the podium. At the same time, AIMIR had been paying great attention to demonstrating them accurately and artistically.


Phases of the Tower

One of the best things about 3D rendering is that the images are able to change with the design without great effort. Instead of modify the plan in the construction site, it saves a fortune using 3D visualization services.

Hope these gifs would help discover the creation process of the renderings:

At last, please enjoy AIMIR’s final renderings for this fantastic project.

200807-美国ODP-Avery综合体改图(保密)-自建老商机-价值高-具体需求-Echo (1)
200807-美国ODP-Avery综合体改图(保密)-自建老商机-价值高-具体需求-Echo (5)
200214-美国ODP-Avery综合体新设计(保密)-自建商机-价值高-Lynn&Echo (3)
200214-美国ODP-Avery综合体新设计(保密)-自建商机-价值高-Lynn&Echo (1)
200807-美国ODP-Avery综合体改图(保密)-自建老商机-价值高-具体需求-Echo (7)
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After Final Delivery


The plan was submitted to the Urban Development Review Board earlier 2021, and was approved a couple of months later. The demolition of the former Krystal Tower site is suspended now, and the official schedule for construction is not heard yet. However, YIMBY predicts the site work and excavation may commence early 2022. The completion date is assumed around end of 2023 or early 2024.

We are extremely proud to be part of this exciting project from the beginning back in 2019. Gadiel and O* Architects are our precious partner. We always have pleasant and smooth cooperation, including this one. It is not easy to create works for a large-scale project which has different phases. But we’ve handled it efficiently and promptly with highest professionalism. In turn, our client got the best result.


Founded in 2006, AIMIR has been devoted in creating realistic 3D visualization works for architects and designers around the globe. You’re welcome to contact our professional architectural visualization studio anytime with your project or concerns.

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