In many architectural visualization projects, especially for aerial views, we often need to show the site context in the renderings. Regarding the context buildings, we provide several solutions as well as example renderings as follows.

1. Simple masses.

The surrounding buildings will be simple white masses or approximate shapes.

2. Photo composition.

You provide us with well-shot photos, and we do composition in Photoshop.

Drone photo composition:

3. Use existing 3D models from the library.

We use existing 3D models from our library to enrich the surroundings. Of course, we will try to follow your instructions on the building heights, types, etc

4. Modeling from photos.

It’s rare but does happen occasionally. We need to accurately model the buildings according to photos. It can dramatically increase the workload as well as cost & time.

Whatever you need, we can achieve it. Please contact us if you need any help.

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