In order to win the heart of your client, sometimes you need more convincing than a pad of paper or sketches. 3D animation is a popular tool in the world of design, which help professionals to present their design in a more attractive way. You can go far beyond the imagination with the use of 3D animation. On June 22nd this year, we’re very excited to have another amazing 3D animation project in hand and completed it later in the name of Dareus Residence. This was a process to fulfill the ideas of one of our regular clients and therefore, we are pleased to present to you the process and toils we both made till its final spectacle.

Start from Scratch

The project location was then an undeveloped area with several built houses around. There’s not detail information indicating the house’s direction. Basing on a few information we had, there’s a confusing part: where’s entry? Which way is the façade? We’ve requested for specific location and direction information, basing on which we set the models as below for checking.

The modeling wasn’t what concerned the client, but somehow the lead-in video path seemed to be ever-lasting. Instead of starting from the street, we, by client’s favor, managed to make it roll from halfway up to make it concise and shorter compare to the original version.

Refresh with post-work & rendering

The project is located in Hobe Sound, Florida, so coastal air is consequently important for the context to present. The client sent us useful information including image references for the materials and textures to be applied in the frames. Specifically, the context setting is well depicted, as it not only contained a full material board but also offered a reference of presentation, which help us better understanding what effect our client is looking for. With everything clear, we made rendering drafts of keyframes through a few rounds of revisions in the rendering process. See the images below.

These just look more terrific than they seemed at the very beginning, don’t they? As Jennifer Yuh Nelson says, a lot of the time in 3D animation is spent getting the story right – that’s something you can’t rush, animation and 3D rendering can and should be applied in the same way. Every keyframe has been reviewed carefully by our project manager so as to meet the high-quality standard. In the process, we’ve exchanged ideas on how to apply greater details internally and also have many rounds of back-and-forth with our clients in order to get things clear. Examples are shown below prove that smooth and effective communication matters the most in reaching expected effects.

In this case, low walls and urn with flame were a new design proposed by the clients that were never mentioned after compound the keyframes. But, if clients’ creativity emerged, such as adding more warm lighting and greening that blends perfectly into a dawn mood and coastal atmosphere, we can manage to satisfy these needs, given that they weren’t complicated and didn’t include drastic changes. AIMIR is always pleased to help if it’s within our ability. All things considered, this has showcased a perfect combination between our professional work of 3D architectural visualization and clients’ ingenious ideas, the former being promising in breaking through the seemingly limited obstacles in reality form, the latter, the facilitator of the wonderful presentation of future.

To wrap the project up, let’s just take a look at how everything within imagination is developed out in the undeveloped area in this 3D walkthrough animation.

3D animation brings a lot of benefits to designing, including sounds and various effects to enhance the journey experience, not to mention that it showcases the contextual elements, material, and surroundings. If you’re interested in our architectural visualization service, please feel free to drop us a line here and engage in telling a unique story of yours.

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