MKD Design Studio is a Shenzhen based architectural design studio which delivers unique design solutions and creative contents leading in the market trends in China and across the globe. Jeremie, the founder of MKD, was looking for a reliable CGI team to create 3D renderings for one of his latest projects.

The project is a set of three villas and the round-shape building in a mountain plot. It is a project which had been shortlisted in a vacation house competition in Huizhou, China. Because he had a bad experience working with a team, Jeremie was looking for a CGI team who were able to deliver stunning visual language to the tenderee.

3D image done by the previous team. Jeremie doesn’t like all of them.

As a result, our 3D images helped Jeremie to win the competition. Today, we’d like to share the story behind this tranquil getaway house in the woods of Huizhou.


Before Production


Jeremie is a professional and well-organized architect, because the information and materials he sent was just amazing. He really knows how to brief.

What we need to start a 3D rendering project immediately:

  • Design: CAD plan, 3D model, or concept sketch.
  • Camera angles if decided. We are happy to suggest some if not.
  • Reference images.
  • The way to deal with surrounding context if exists.
  • Texture and material boards.
  • Landscape plan.
  • Other supporting information and materials.

In fact, our team is able to start the project with the model only. Other materials can be sent through later. However, if all of the above materials can be provided, we can start the creation immediately!

What Jeremie shared in the first place:

  • 3D model: Rhino model to be transferred into 3ds Max.

  • Camera angle: Six confirmed views by Jeremie.

  • Site photos for photo-composition: When it came to the way of dealing with the surrounding context, Jeremie decided to use real site photos instead of other methods. In this way, the natural scenery would be presented in a real and vivid way. So he took the photos with the view he wanted the building to be demonstrated.

  • Reference images: A bunch of 3D images were sent through for us to study the effect he was after.
  • Previously-done images that he doesn’t like.

Now, let’s begin the production!


During Production


#1 Model Confirmation

Basically, we will fine-tune the model and screenshot the desired camera angles, and then share them with you for confirmation. In this stage, a Model Stage Confirmation Letter is required to sign before moving forward to the next stage.

It is totally understandable that you want to revise the design a bit sometimes. But this letter guarantees both you and AIMIR’s rights by confirming the model first.

For this project, we carefully fine-tuned the model, found the camera angles, and sent them to Jeremie for confirmation.


#2 Texture, Material and Lighting

We asked Jeremie if he had a material board for the building, and also the preferred mood for each view. Jeremie organized them promptly.

Not only the mood for each view was provided relatively, but also the materials of the building and the landscaping were clearly listed. This is a perfect example of how to give reference information. Thank you Jeremie!

After we processed the model with the instructions received, it was time for renderings and post-production.


#3 Rendering and Post-production

At AIMIR, we sometimes combine these two stages together in 3D rendering working process. This is because if we send an image with rendered effect but without post-production, most clients will feel weird at first sight.

Because Jeremie didn’t want any people involved in the scene, we needed to pay all of our attention to perfectly demonstrate the relationship between the building and nature.

Some comments from Jeremie.


The Final Delivery


In 9 days, Jeremie and us worked together and got the final images on time. We were so glad to hear that the competition went well. He is such a lovely client to work with. We really love working with him. Now, let’s enjoy these villas in the woods.


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Three months later, Jeremie brought us another project. It was an interior project for a luxury apartment in Guangzhou. We will share the story with you soon.



Are you looking for a reliable CGI team to visualize your vision? No matter it is for getting approval by authority, or for entering a competition, or marketing your property, AIMIR is here to help! Founded in 2006, we are a professional architectural visualization consultant for architects, designers, real estate developers and manufacturers. Talk to us about your exciting project now at [email protected], and we will bring your structure to life!

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