One of the advantages of architectural visualization is that it’s able to change the design at any time in a short turnaround. In this way, you can have a complete idea of the different plans before it’s built. Today, we’d like to share a project which is a perfect example of using 3D ArchViz to preview various plans.

Priscilla from ODP Architects brought their new design for a retail building with parking garage in South Florida, USA. The deadline was around the corner. They have proposed five plans for this project, and needed our help to bring them to life in front of the owner.

Let’s start the journey of how AIMIR completed 10 images in 6 days!


The Scope of Work


This project is aiming to create 10 images, one front view and one back view for each plan. All five plans are using silver metal façade combining greenery.

  • All 10 images were to be rendered in daytime. This is to showcase the structure more clearly.
  • 2 images for each plan, a front view and a back view.
  • The adjacent building should match the site and needed to be grey mass. Because Priscilla wanted to emphasize the garage building.


The References


In order to help our 3D artists better understand the project, Priscilla shared many references, including:

  • The 3D models for five plans. They had prepared the models in 3ds Max format, which was ready to use after some fine-tuning. Given the tight schedule, the models really helped with the production process. Because building 3D models needs extra time.

  • The adjacent building was going to model as grey mass. Using grey masses for surrounding context can smartly emphasize the main building while keep the original landscape. On top of this, it is also time- and cost-saving. In this project, all glazing, mullions, parking slabs, columns and vegetation should match the adjacent building.

  • Façade metal material instructions has labeled metal materials used for each plan. It is one of the features of the designs, thus, the presented metal is vital in demonstrating the whole project. The reference material pictures helped our 3D artists quickly selected the accurate texture for the façade.

Metal material instructions for part of the plans.

  • The vegetation references indicated the required greenery type. This way, we were able to deal with the vegetation easily as instructed.

Vegetation references for Plan 2.

  • The landscape plan for trees and paving pattern. Priscilla attached a sketch which specified the location of trees, lighting poles, and paving pattern.

For such a complete references database, we started the production immediately.


The Working Process


Going along with our standard 3D rendering working process, our 3D artists firstly fine-tuned the 3D model and set the chosen camera angles for preview. Since the designs are eye-catching, we didn’t want to lose the uniqueness. As a result, we took care of the metal façade meticulously, especially Plan 1 and 4.

These two plans are using a draped screen over a parking garage that takes an amorphic shape. The screens, at the same time, function as a wire mesh. To present the streamlined metal façade, our 3D artists spent most of the time fine-tuning the materials during this stage.

Model drafts for five plans.

We didn’t stuck in the drafting stage too long, because Priscilla was satisfied with them. The next thing we did was to render them with the accurate material as the references instructed. In the post production stage, Priscilla asked us to guarantee the following:

  • Add people. Mix crowd but lean towards young professionals and tenants to showcase this dynamic community.
  • Populate the garage with cars.
  • Show storefront design on retail components. Also add people shopping to make the space feel activated.
  • Add trees and lighting poles according to the landscape plan.
  • Add greenery on the façade’s placeholders following the plantation references.

Also, in the last round, our 3D specialists created the daytime mood for all 10 images based on the sunlight direction provided by Priscilla. After all these were done, we presented the 3D images to Priscilla and she was excited to see the results were just as she needed. Here are the final images for her:


As you see, 3D rendering can help with visualizing your amazing designs and change them anytime. We are happy to help Priscilla and ODP Architects to visualize this stunning project. And we look forward to working with her again in the near future.

Need 3D renderings to express your concept with professional language? Contact our 17-year architectural visualization studio now and talk about your exciting project. We’re here to visualize your dream any time!

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