3D rendering can help real estate developers make a 3D display of a residence, building, or property. It is notably useful for pre-marketing campaigns when the building is still under construction. These 3D renderings let the potential buyers understand the structures of the building before it’s built without having the ability to read complicated 2D drawings.

For real estate agencies, it’s a very common and useful way to put many engaging 3D renderings in their brochures or advertisements. 3D renderings make it possible for a company to promote their properties before it’s built in a straightforward way like putting them on their websites or sharing them on social media. This dramatically increases their exposure.

We’ve recently done a few renderings for Pico & Fairfax Apartment, which is named by its location, next to the crossroads of Pico Rd. and Fairfax Rd. Let’s take a look at its elegant design with our 3D renderings:

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