3D rendering as a vastly used method present design concept into reality. The mosques buildings’ elaborate design of its domes, minarets and shrines of worship have been showcased via 3D architectural visualization, each showing its own unique architectural style. Originated in the Arabian Peninsula and found today in all inhabited continents, mosques are not only used as places to worship for Muslims, but also provided information, education and resolution for dispute. Congregation is held by the man called imam. Mosque, religious building connects tightly with Islam. Its distinctive structural characteristic stands out amid other surroundings.

The final image-aerial view dusk

3D renderings with different moods for mosque had been created by AIMIR recently. Located in KSA Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, this project starts with a wonderful beginning by using 3D rendering service to advertise. No matter how time goes by, mosque always is the best place to go for solitude, contemplation and most importantly to read before and after pray. Let’s enjoy its outstanding design with our 3D renderings.

3D architectural visualization technology reveals the perfect combination of traditional culture and modern architectural style. The layout of this dome-less looks simple but still solemn and sacred. It’s hard to imagine that the entire space is a glass box with a large open prayer hall.

Project name: AM1 Mosque

Location: KSA Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The project consists of the following:

 Ground Floor:

–       Main Entrance

–       Main Prayer Hall (Men)

–       Services Area, including Shoe Rack Area, Ablution Area, Restrooms

–       Circulation, including Staircase + Elevator

The final image-Human day

 Mezzanine Floor:

–       Secondary

–       Ladies Prayer Hall – Mezzanine Floor/overlooking the ground floor prayer hall

–       Services Area, including Shoe Rack Area, Ablution Area, Restrooms

–       Circulation, including Staircase + Elevator

The final image-Human dusk


–       Main Approach and Main Entrance to the Mosque

–       Surrounding Arcade area

–       Parking Area – around the site

Project location

How do you feel about the architectural style for Mosque we’ve done? With rich experience in CG industry and professional technical skills, we have been working on enormous projects for various industries in different scales. If you’d like to be a partner with AIMIR, please feel free to contact us. We’re glad to help you create the impressive 3D renderings to present your various architectural styles. We’re ready to visualize your design dreams at all time.

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