It wasn’t long after the completion of the award-winning Sphere on Sunset project, Michele from Los Angeles-based architect talked about another project he’s working on. We had a pleasant experience working together to get his amazing vision realized and published. So this time, we’re confident about bringing his vision to life.

The new project is called Trousdale house. It has a new proposed design for the existing 10,000-square-foot residence built in the late 1960s and renovated in the 1980s. Located in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains in Beverly Hills, California, this mega mansion is inspired by the shape of the wings of birds and butterflies.

With a majestic and unobstructed city view to the downtown Los Angeles and Pacific Ocean, Michele’s revision coexists with the calm nature of the rolling hills with the modern intellect behind the structure’s aspirations.

Existing house.

Can’t wait to start the journey of discovering the story behind the 3D renderings of breath-taking Butterfly House! Please follow us to see how AIMIR’s 3D renderings help sell Michele’s vision to the world.


The Scope of Work


Michele was looking at about 10 images. However, the deadline of the reporting day was around the corner, the final quantity was subjected to the actual working process.

In general, Michele wanted the final results to include:

  • Different exterior views about the mansion. This is to present the exterior design of the structure, especially the wing-shape ceilings, the relocated swimming pool and extreme large terrace on the main floor.
  • Interior views to demonstrate the unique structure and interior plan.

Based on the possible views from Michele, we’ve carefully selected six camera angles in the beginning. We believed all of them smartly demonstrate this stunning mansion in various camera angles. In this way, Michele’s vision could be easily delivered and appreciated by the viewers.

Camera angles selected in the first round.


The References


To start the conversation, Michele directly sent us:

A Rhino model to save the time building one. The model is a complete presentation of his vision of redesign this mansion. All we need to do was to input it into 3ds Max and handle the details to make sense.

Floor plans to understand the design better, especially the spaces on each level. From the plans, the butterfly-like ceiling is so attractive. We loved it when we saw it.

Elevations can help us study the relationship between the mansion and the hill. According to the files, this mansion will be built more than 80 feet into the hillside.

Site views with the existing house that will be demolished give us a general view where the new mansion will be and the surrounding context.

Model images of views to choose from to show Michele’s preference on camera angles and how he would like to demonstrate the property. There were 38 of them, apparently we’re not able to create them all. At last, we studied the site photos and selected six of them to proceed based on the tight schedule.

Site photos to choose from for photo-composition, because Michele wanted to keep 100% veracity. There are 18 of them, among which we would pick the best possible view to compose with the model.

Since everything was ready, let’s see how we create the renderings.


The Working Process


The first thing was to input the Rhino model into 3ds Max and fine-tune it. After that, we added a couple of furniture to make it less boring. When we shared the drafts with Michele, it turned out he was happy with the overall model but not the furniture layout.




Here came the biggest challenge: the furniture selection and layout. It is crucial for this project, and Michele stressed the importance of selecting fine furniture and smart layout. Our 3D rendering studio is a professional CGI visualizer and consultant. Therefore, we’d love to try our best to give suggestions on the design.

Michele shared some furniture he loved and gave some tips on where to place them. Currently, we mainly focused on the main floor, the grand terrace, and the swimming pool. Although there is a racquetball room, a meditation garden, and other spaces, we still focuses on the visible part in the images.

Furniture layout and selection suggested by Michele.

We had a couple of plans for the interior view we’ve selected, and it turned out that Michele liked the last one best.

After our 3D artists refined the materials and lighting, and added some people, this view was good for final delivery!


For the exterior views, to allocate the accurate angle to the site photo is the vital part. Our 3D artists carefully adjusted the angle of the model to fit in the photos perfectly. As a result, we selected these three views with the site photos, which were able to clearly showcase this stunning structure.

Models and the corresponding site photos to be processed.

When the 3D models and the photos were put together, it was time to consider the furniture and fitting layout. At the same time, adding various people would add a dynamic mood to the image.

Room layout in the exterior view.

With the help of Michele’s suggestions on furniture selection and layout, it took several rounds to confirm the final furniture, lighting, and people. As a result, four images were created before the deadline. Please enjoy the final 3D renderings of the Butterfly House:

c (4)
c (3)
c (2)
09- final interior image
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After Story


Since only four images were finalized this time, Michele would like to continue creating more views, especially some close-up and interior views. We’re working on this breath-taking project now, and will update more images and stories later!

Do you like this project? Wanna talk about your exciting project and the visualizations? Please feel free to contact our professional architectural visualization studio for any questions. AIMIR is a 17-year ArchViz studio who continues delivering high-end 3D architectural renderings, animations, and virtual reality works to the world. Reach out and air your vision today!


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