P* Architecture is an Australia-based design studio who operates a boutique scale of architects, interior designers and development advisors. They were developing three private houses in Perth – Hennessey, Love, and Lecras Residence.

3D rendering is definitely the most eye-catching tool because it’s changing the way people buy and sell properties effectively. By transforming the way we communicate design information, 3D rendering has reformed how real estate is presented and sold. Please follow AIMIR to this amazing adventure of visualizing these three properties in Perth, Australia.


Before the Production


Vadim from P* Architecture brought us three luxury houses located in various addresses in Perth. One thing in common was that these 3D images would be a descriptive and compelling demonstration of the future buildings for the buyers.

Once we’ve figured out the vision of the project, we started to analyze the main features it should contain. For example, material and texture, color, camera angles, landscaping, and lighting. Since the location of the houses are in Australia, the Southern Hemisphere, Vadim emphasized the importance of setting the correct lighting based on the sun direction in the Project Information Checklist:

“If image is front on, the sun should be front on. If image angled, sun should be from same angle. Refer to each sketchup model.”

This is a common point in projects located in the Southern Hemisphere. At AIMIR, we care about every single details, in order to deliver the most realistic 3D works to stun the viewers.

We checked the SketchUp models for these three houses. The next step was to import them into the 3ds Max and fine-tune the details.


The Rendering Process


This project strictly followed the standard workflow of a 3D image.


3D Modeling

There was no need to worry about the 3D models because they were provided by Vadim and his team. Thank you Vadim!

In case of no ready models, our 3D artist are happy to build the model based on any information of your project. For instance, you can provide the CAD plans, elevations, floor plans, or even sketches of your vision.


Camera Angle

There was no struggle in the camera angle, because Vadim directly sent us the screenshots of the views they wanted. If our client cannot decide the camera angles, our professional 3D artists are happy to offer some suggestions. You can always trust our professionalism in selecting camera angles for various projects.


Material & Texture

To achieve maximum realism, an accurate depiction of the materials is essential. Our 3D artists use a huge library of materials and textures to guarantee the overall effect. Because the SketchUp model had already include all possible materials, the step didn’t take too long.



Once the sunlight direction was set, there wasn’t much too do about lighting. Vadim requested the most common time for all three images: daytime. The day is one of the most simple but efficient way to demonstrate a building. As a result, our creative 3D specialists set the sunlight direct based on the rule in Southern Hemisphere to display photorealist 3D renderings of the unbuilt houses.


Rendering & Post-production

Generally, the time required for rendering an image depend on the desired quality as well as the complexity of the scene. For example, it takes much longer to render a scene with houses and trees than a simple house.

For this project, all three houses are simple and not involved with much surrounding context. Our 3D artists rendered the scenes and added some people on to show the dynamic nature of the future houses. However, Vadim believed it was better to leave the scenes without people and activity. In this way, the buildings themselves were able to be clearly and beautifully demonstrated.


The Final Image


The final delivery came after all the details agreed. We are proud to share the working process of Three Residence Project:

Hennessey Residence

Love Residence

Lecras Residence

After the final deliver, these projects went smoothly. AIMIR’s realistic 3D renderings allowed the customers to see the potential benefits in advance with our visual stories. It is always a strong tool to pre-sale your properties.


If you are designing for a future structure, or developing a property, why not check out our professional architectural visualization services? As a 17-year ArchViz consultant, we’re here to take your projects’ marketing to the next level! Say hi to us at [email protected] today!

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