According to Pyramid psychology, the brain will transform the visuals into feelings when people see a picture, making it echo a person’s life experience. So that is the reason why people will have emotional change when they see the view. Achieving the right feeling in a 3D rendering has always been one of the basic requirements in rendering production. It was very honored that in our completed project Leonards + Lane Residence, the effect of our 3D visual had been highly acknowledged by our client. Here was what he said, “I think you were successful in capturing the right mood and lighting brief. Well done.”

Project name: Leonards + Lane
Brief: The project consists of 5 boutique terrace style residences between the Swan River and the Indian Ocean. It was approved at the beginning of 2019 and is under construction now.

Site photo for composition:

What the completed 3D rendering looks:

As evening falls, the warm lights in the room turn on, a woman walks back with her pet dog, as well as a loving couple stand on the balcony chatting, all of these details create a warm picture full of life. What’s more, the surrounding context uses site photo, which makes the rendering look realistic and maintains the most character of the street like pole light, concrete road, speed bumps, and context buildings.

Our rich experience and enthusiasm for visualization empowered us to take all aspects of our client experience into account and to interact with the virtual surroundings we create. Write to AIMIR CG whenever you are looking for a reliable architectural visualization provider.

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