It is an inevitable part of the marketing to use visuals in many industries such as hospitality, real estate, and manufacturing. In order to stand out from the competition, you need to choose the right visuals.

Here comes the question: 3D rendering or professional photography, which is the better option? 3D rendering and virtual staging are widely used by today’s marketers, while photography is still a top choice to capture the object. They both provide their unique benefits under various circumstances. Let’s sort them out.


The Benefits of 3D Rendering

If you’re designing a brand-new building, 3D rendering is your absolute answer. Because one of the merits of 3D visuals is that they make it possible to showcase the unbuilt. Besides, here are some key benefits of 3D renderings if you’re hesitating on using them.

  • Unlimited editing experience. Yes, you’re able to change the design during production or even after the 3D visuals are done. Unlike photography, which is done when shot, 3D renderings offer you the opportunity to modify or retouch as many times as needed. And it’s fast!
  • Create impossible views. You may face a situation where the site is blocked a bit by the trees or other objects in front of, or the product is too reflective to take photos (such as a diamond). Thus, photography seems to be an impossible task in these situations.
  • Flexible lighting and weather choice. In 3D rendering, there is no time wasted waiting for a perfect timing during a day to take one photo. You’re free to choose the lighting, season, and weather as you want. While photography are very limited in this.
  • Design as you want. 3D renderings are whatever you want to make them. Unlike photography which is limited to the existing objects in front of your eyes, you are free to add or delete any items or designs anytime.
  • Short production time. It actually doesn’t take a long time to get your desired 3D visuals. When you work with a professional 3D team, they will distribute the whole working process from 3D modeling to post-production to different departments and people.
  • Picture the unbuilt. As stated before, this could be the top benefit of 3D visuals. When your property is under construction, photorealistic 3D renderings can give your clients an idea of your vision prior to its completion. In this way, you can save time and cost, and avoid possible mistakes.


The Benefits of Professional Photography

As the traditional method to present a place, space or product, photography is widely used in many areas. The advantages of professional photography are and not limited to:

  • Honest presentation. Photography is about the real thing. 3D rendering can be honest as well, but photography offers an authentic look at the property. Although the photos have a great chance to be edited for a better result, they still demonstrate the real existence.
  • Ideal for completed projects. If the building is completed, it could be a nice choice to go with the photography. As noted earlier, the photos capture the exiting thing in front of your eyes.
  • Standard quality in a short time. Marketing with photographs is a good choice for those who don’t have a demand for high quality visualization presentation. In this case, you can finish the photos in a short time with standard quality.

With all these information above, which do you think is the better visual for you? The truth is that it still depends on where you going to use the content, your marketing goal, and schedule.


Let’s Play a Game: Photo or 3D Visual?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve used 3D rendering services, you have to admit that technology has made it difficult to tell an image real or rendered. You may pick out 3D renderings from photos by the very tiny details such as the lighting, shadows, and textures. And sometimes, you even cannot.

Let’s play a game now. There’re two images below, can you tell which is a real photo, and which is 3D rendered?

Great! We believe you’ve got the right answer: the first one is real and second is a 3D rendering. This is a renovation project we’ve done for a Beach Resort in Maldives. Now, let’s play the game again.

How about this time? You think you’ve got it? Check again! They both are 3D rendered images!

Apologize for this unfair game. The fact is we’d like to address the incredible contribution of modern technology to 3D works. Because of this, there are increasing professionals choose to use 3D rendering services as a powerful tool for their project.


Looking for 3D rendering solutions? Talk to our professional architectural visualization studio with your project or product, we’re ready to show you the magic of 3D renderings!

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