Both exterior and interior of residential renderings are able to show architectural designs of any scale. And of course, in North America, residential projects such as apartments, units, houses and villas are demonstrated with the help of 3D rendering services in order to market or report in a more story-telling way.

If you are looking for 3D rendering services or 3D architectural visualization studios in North America, you may have a look at these six projects here. We’ve summarized these projects with clear and detailed rendering process to give you an idea about how residential 3D renderings look like in North America.


#1. M Residence


M Residence is a 2-story luxurious property in California, USA. Our client is its interior designer and was looking for 3D renderings to show the owner how this house would look like in advance. We are delighted to work with Joo, the interior designer, to give this property an impressive look by redesign with Joo for four times.

The most challenging part of this interior visualization project comes to the redesigning. There were inevitable changes in the design due to various reasons. During this, Joo prepared the information for updated plans in advance, which really elevated the working process.

If you’d like to know more about this interior rendering project in California, please check the case study here: 3D Interior Rendering Service for M Residence in California: Case Study.


#2. Joe Ben Moha Apartment


Situated on Main Street in Hackensack, New Jersey, USA, this mixed-use project features an underground parking level, retails, fitness and coffee shops on the ground level, and apartments on upper residential stories. Our client was looking for one view only. However, our 3D team realized there could be better views and moods to demonstrate this building. When we delivered our suggestions  with the renderings (yes, we designed the 3D visuals for better persuasion), our client was extremely surprised and impressed by our images. At last, he used our images for reporting and the result turned to be satisfying.

Please don’t miss this impressive story behind making of this apartment in New Jersey, here at: 3D Rendering Consulting Services: A Mixed-use Project in New Jersey.


#3. Royal Manor Residential


Royal Manor Residential is a 3-story apartment building with 25 units in Canada. This is a project which we created from the very beginning, because we only received a conceptual sketch when we started the project.

What we did was to create the 3D model with our client together. During the process, we gave our professional suggestions while our client enrich the design details. Since the plan didn’t include any materials, the rendering job was challengeable as well. Our 3D artists created the rendering draft with our own understanding based on our professional experience. At last, the design was confirmed with our client’s help after a couple of rounds drafting.

Read the full story of designing a 3D render from a conceptual sketch for a residential apartment in Canada here: How did AIMIR Turn a Single Sketch into a 3D Rendering? Case Study of Royal Manor Residential Project.


#4. His and Her Master Suite


This is the very first commissioned project we’ve done with Corona Renderer back in 2019. Located in Atlanta, USA, this palatial property asked for highly exquisite details with 100% customized furniture and fittings. It’s crazy that everything you see in the image was customized. Our client was very satisfied with the result and their clients were sold immediately when they saw the renderings.

If you’d like to discover more about how we created persuasive 3D visuals for this luxurious interior spaces in Atlanta, USA, please visit: His and Her Master Suite – AIMIR’s Photo-realistic 3D Interior Renderings Using Corona Renderer.


#5. Trousdale House


Located in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains in Beverly Hills, California, USA, this mega mansion is welcoming a new design which proposed for $45 million. And our studio helped create 3D renderings of this future house in the majestic view of downtown Los Angeles.

The challenge was to select fine furniture and its layout. Our client stressed the importance of furniture selection and layout for this mega mansion. At last, we designed the interior furnishing and layout together with the help of our client.

Check the full story behind this luxurious house in Beverly Hills, USA and see how these renderings are created with photomontage here: 3D Renderings Unveil “Butterfly House” in Beverly Hills, California, Proposed for $45 Million: Case Study.


#6. Dareus Residence


This is a 3D walkthrough of Dareus Residence in Florida, USA. The 3D animation follows a classic path where it starts from the front view and then goes around the house 360 degree. In this way, the whole exterior of the structure is clear to its viewers. During the production process, our client paid extra attention on the landscaping especially the vegetation around. Also, there were a couple of design changes during the process after we compounded the keyframes. But we’ve modified the model according to the updated plan.

To have a wrap-up of this residence in Florida’s animation, please check the case study here: Walkthrough Animation of Dareus Residence In Florida.



What do you think about these residential projects in North America? Our 3D visualization works have helped hundreds of architects and designers in North America preview the unbuilt and demonstrate their visions. As a 17-year architectural visualization studio, we hope these case studies can build your confidence in our expertise and professionalism.

Looking for a reliable 3D rendering service provider? Contact our 17-year professional architectural visualization studio to bring your design to life!

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