If you are in Florida and looking for a reliable 3D rendering service provider, you can have a look at these five projects in Florida. We believe they will give you a first impression about how 3D renders look like in the area. And also get to know the project types in Florida and how they are made.

The Sunshine State Florida spreads a welcoming blanket of white beaches and tropical warmth for all locals and visitors. It also provides a comfortable blend of the classic and cosmopolitan. Architecture in Florida is versatile in style. And in this article, we’d also like to introduce five architecture in various styles. We hope these projects could provide inspiration for you. Check them out!


#1. Hillcrest Surfside


Hillcrest Surfside is a 10-story residential apartment siting on the Surfside Beach. In this project, the structure and the building next to it – Surfside Seaway – need to be included in the images at the same time. For the season that they belong to the same owner, this time, we needed to create 3D renderings that went along the lighting, materials and mood with the adjacent building.

If you want to know how we handle this project from the 3D model, please check the case study here: 3D Modeling and Rendering for Hillcrest Surfside in Florida, USA.


#2. AER In The District

Challenging task for “AER In The District” project in Tampa, Florida. Clad in smooth stucco, this façade is joined by vertical rows of stacked balconies and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. To present this amazing façade design, we carefully added different materials and made sure the result looked perfectly harmonious at the same time.

For the interior views, we build the 3D model from the scratch based on the hand sketches from the designers. Our 3D renderings show various faces of the structure, providing a glimpse into what it’s like to live and work in this mixed-use.

Please don’t miss the fantastic story behind making of this project, both exterior and interior, here at: From Sketches to 3D Renderings: Making of “AER In The District” in Florida.


#3. 710 Edge Tower


In this project, we used photo-composition for the best veracity of surrounding environment. Located at the Biscayne Bay, Miami, 710 Edge Tower is a 55-story ultra-luxury mixed-use building featuring 70 residential units and more than 16,000 square feet of commercial and retail spaces. Our client used these images to report to Miami city and got it approved.

Our visuals focus on its unique fluid curves and its distinctive exoskeleton exterior design. At the same time, we highlighted the concrete framing structure with proper materials such as dark tinted laminated glass and dark grey anodized aluminum. Finally, we set the lighting based on the site photos and adjusted them to make them consistent.

We have a full story about this stunning project. For more design and rendering details, please visit: 3D Rendering Process: 8 Steps for 710 Edge in Miami.


#4. Retail & Garage Parking Proposal


Situated in Tampa, Florida, the various plans are the spotlight of the project. Being one of the merits of architectural visualization, our 3D renderings demonstrate six different designs for this project in a short turnaround time. Because this adjacent building belongs to the same owner, this structure need to match it in all aspects, such as glazing, mullions, parking slabs, columns and vegetation.

If you’d like to discover more about how we helped to demonstrate this project in different plans, please visit: 3D Renderings Showcase Various Plans for Parking Garage & Retail in South Florida.


#5. Riverside Wharf Development


Located on the river near downtown Miami, the Riverside Wharf, will be a hospitality-driven entertainment complex and is scheduled to open to the public in 2025. Our client used our 3D renderings to report and get this project approved.

By using the CAD files provided by the client, we created the perfect 3D renderings that visual the unbuilt. Despite the tight schedule and unexpected design change, we successfully complete this project within the timeframe.

Want to know more about the story behind this project? Please read this 3D rendering case study here: Going Into Detail of 3D Renderings for World-Class Riverside Wharf Project in Miami.



All above projects are located in Florida and our 3D renders helped architects and designers demonstrate their vision. No matter to boost the marketing or excite the reporting, 3D rendering services can help. We hope these case studies can prove our expertise and professionalism in providing 3D architectural visualization services.

If you’re looking for 3D rendering services, contact our 3D architectural visualization studio and we’ll create a unique story teller of your vision!

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