3D architectural visualization offers plenty of opportunities and feasibility to people on a global scale. Since it first started in the 70s and develop in a few decades, now this fastest-changing 3D technology is virtually everywhere around us before we could ever notice. It enables us to preview the latest iphone12 before we actually have it in hand, we can enjoy the lifelike 3D movie of Justice League and not to mention that it’s possible for us to view the future building prior to full construction. So many advantages can be brought by 3D architectural visualization, no matter for entertainment or for work. Today, we will walk you through how 3D architectural visualization help to breathe life into the H+C office building that we were privileged to work on.

Compare with the physical model, the 3D model, a presentation in three-dimensional, is both time-saving and cost-effective. When one trying to convey a beautiful and practical design into realistic which requires a lot of effort and creativity, in the world of CG, it can be handled easily. There is a variety of data that can be imported into the computer to produce a model with color, texture, and terrain, etc… Besides, you could either transform parts from reality to 3D model or choose the item from the library making the design as detail as possible. Based on that premise, professional CG artists create 3D renderings that reach that level of precision and eye-catching. H+C project is one of the examples that firmly support the point that 3D architectural visualization a good helper to design.

Now come with us to see how AIMIR make this project come alive.

Project Information

Project Name: H+C Office Building

Production Time: February, 2020

Project Site: Hollywood Blvd & Cahuenga Blvd

VIEWS 1 – at 150ft above street level

VIEWS 2 – street level view of site

The Rendering Process

In the beginning, we asked to render two images on semi-aerial view and street view, after we sent the first round of the post-work draft, there were only three major changes. Other than that, our clients were very happy with the renderings.

The main design concepts of H+C Office Building

  1. Curtain wall system
  2. Soffit schemes
  3. Opacity pattern

The Rendering views:

The Post-work

First design stage – The edged corner on the top floors

Second design stage – Client changed the corner to be round and less edged on the top floors

Third design stage – Extra 3 floors added in the top floors to make it appear more grandeur and to rotate the semi-aerial view so that there are more surface can be seen in the rendering

The H+C office building was in the designing stage when it using our rendering service, after sending the final images. Our clients were surprisingly impressed by the final effect and asked for additional renderings to separately show different scenes of the building. There were three new views for the project and a small revision on the billboard of the previous two images.

The Result

After the work on lighting, material, entourage, and decor was done, these photorealistic renderings have successfully outlined the pictures of this future project and gave a realistic and clear vision of how it will be when finishing in the upcoming days.

What Client Said

Dear Aimir team,

Thank you for your follow up, the presentation went well and everyone was satisfied with the renderings.

I have to admit that we were impressed with the quality, speed and professional work done by AIMIR even though we were expecting it.

As for the survey, it is my pleasure to participate and I will.

Thank you again and looking forward to working with you in the future.

Feedback from the clients’ satisfaction survey

AIMIR CREATIVE DIGITAL is a professional and relay-able company that you can depend on, especially if you need quick and quality rendering works.

It’s still really exciting to receive such kind of good response even though we have collaborated with each other for many years. We are very grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to this amazing project. No matter what size of the project, new clients or returning clients, AIMIR always put our clients and projects at the first place and devote ourselves to adapt to various requirements, providing creative solutions and deliver photo-realistic 3D renderings to meet our clients’ needs.

The story of the H+C office building project ends but there are many new opportunities waiting for us to explore. We are looking forward to seeing more and more gorgeous architecture design. If you’re interested in our architectural visualization service, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to tell a unique story of yours.

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