Work needs efficiency. Efficiency indicates same or more work with less time. Sometimes, we can control time, if everything works out with full supports from clients providing information timely, sometimes we can’t as we drown in, with resignation, capricious feedback and adding new ideas. How to comprehend “time” in producing a 3D rendering? As a professional team, we at AIMIR will always secure our clients’ expectations of on-time delivery, which in turn, also requires efforts from every party involved, mostly between project manager, technical team, client and client’ adviser, such as house owner or an advertising company. Coupled with our professionalism and precise time-control, this article will provide clients with an insight into the “duration” of renderings.

The duration of renderings in AIMIR’s mindset, is halved by the controllable and the uncontrollable. To illustrate:

The Controllable

Under most circumstances, the approximate duration of a 3D rendering will be based on the controllable 3D rendering process, respectively the modeling and render & post-work stage.

Modeling Stage

Modeling drafts will be completed in 1 to 3 days, provided that clients have sent full project information including workable and final model or CAD files in DWG format. But if expectation of “full” falls short and is replaced by only some basic information, along with sketching, elevations or interior FF&E list, the modeling duration will take longer, around 3 to 6 days.

Render & post-work

The time spent in render & post-work stage is, by comparison, more easily to predict, as we have settled the model and camera angle. With materials and textures in hand, all renderings will be completed in within 3 days.

Above information considered, the duration of 3D renderings will also be affected by the amount of images as well as the specific scale of a project, which generates a grander insight into a “default duration”——that in 5 to 12 days, AIMIR is capable to accomplish various types of project.

The Uncontrollable

The uncontrollable part can be summarized as: waiting for clients’ feedback in a long period and unpredicted rounds of revision beyond our expectation.

To resolve the former issue, specific deadline will be required from clients in advance, so that we can proactively respond to the comments or feedback the minute we receive them, and also kindly remind clients of active and joint efforts they need to undertake so as to reach deadline. Within 24 hours, updated draft will be ready barring special circumstances. Before sending through the updated draft, Inside AIMIR, we have a strict and crystal clear quality control process to make sure all the comments have been picked up well and avoid misunderstanding. Please refer to the article How Do AIMIR Conduct Quality Control and Project Delivery to see how’s it happened. However, as mentioned in the beginning, many parties are involved in every stage of working process, or that clients have different perception of the timeline and usage of the project. Therefore, hours frittered away in expecting feedback in face of these issues always outrun the normal duration of a project, when drafts sent could be left up in the air for days and even weeks.

Regular project will have 2 to 5 rounds of revision, but if new designs are requested amid the process, duration will be inevitably prolonged. We are more than happy to help that and willing to work step by step according to designers’ and owner’s pace, but kindly be noted that extra fees may arise correspondingly. Here is the article about what circumstance will generate extra fee, kindly take a look at it. 6 Special Situations Where Our Clients Might Need to Pay Extra Charges

All things above considered, if ever things go toward the uncontrollable, apparently, we can’t make proper assessment of the duration/timeline.

Additionally, one important difference between interior renderings and exterior ones needs clarifying with regards to the final delivery. Final high-res exterior 3D renderings take less time to get ready because their post-work is done based on outputted high-res images, from which drafts are produced and revised. So once the drafts are approved, final delivery is available in 3 to 12 hours. By contrast, the interior renderings usually take much longer hours to be outputted, normally takes 12-24 hours, so the drafts are destined to be in low resolution to save turnaround time. Therefore, if there is a hard deadline for interior rendering projects, project managers will inform our clients to leave at least 24hours for outputting the final rendering in advance so as to complete a well-timed delivery.

Hopefully this article does well in helping you better comprehend the duration of a 3D renderings. However complicated factors may include, AIMIR has promised to 100% deliver on time as it celebrates a highly professional team and project managers’ ability to tune the discord through rich experience and sharp instinct.

If you want to experience an engaging communication and sincerity in serving clients from AIMIR, contact us anytime. Here at AIMIR, it’s more than just airing your ideas.

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