Etop, from J* Group, was looking for a 3D rendering for the mixed-use development in New Jersey. This image would be used for presentation and reporting purposes.

He found us and briefly introduced this project, addressing the importance of the image. AIMIR is much honored to work with J* Group. We’d like to make our first collaboration smooth and perfect.


A Mixed-use Building in New Jersey


Situated on Main Street in Hackensack, this mixed-use project is 12 miles from Manhattan town. It will be the new addition to Main Street. The brick, loft-style façade interprets the residential character of the neighborhood with three different veneers that create depth found in traditional brick buildings.

The model.

Floor plan.

This mixed-use building includes an underground parking level, retails, fitness center, coffee shops on the ground level, and apartment and swimming pools on upper residential levels.

Etop was extremely clear on what he needed:

  • Camera angle: as shown above in the model.
  • Mood: in the spring morning.
  • No people added in the image.
  • Bald cypress on sidewalk.
  • Use photo-composition for surrounding context.
  • Texture and materials are provided.

Texture and materials for elevations.


A Smooth and Typical Working Process


Although this was the first project between AIMIR and Etop, the communication and pace were incredibly smooth. We simply followed the rendering process of modeling – camera angle confirmation – texture & material – post-production, along with some minor modifications. The following GIF shows how the final 3D rendering is created:

The final 3D rendering created with Etop’s idea: Process.


AIMIR’s Suggestions


However, this was not the end. In fact, for the final work which was created under Etop’s idea, we were not as satisfied as him.

It is too “flat”. First, there is no people in the 3D rendering. People will make the scene full of stories, especially for a mixed-use building. Then, a clear sky is not the best option for this view. We understand this image is used for reporting, so that aesthetics is not the priority. However, our 3D artists believes the image would be more story-telling if other mood was applied.

As a result, we created a couple of non-commissioned works for this project. Of course, they’re with Etop and J* Group’s consent.

The 3D rendering below shares the same view with the commissioned one, but with a rainy and dusk mood. Under the cloudy sky, lightings in each room add the image a more life tune. At the same time, people on the sidewalk brings life to this image.

The following one uses a perspective of human’s eyes, which creates instant immersive experience like the viewers are standing in front of the building. Autumn tunes the cypresses a golden clothes, which shine along with the sunset reflection on the building’s façade. And people, yes.

We’ve also created a street view which is from the south. A cypress tree is standing in the front of the image as golden ratio, which easily leads the viewers’ eyes to the building on its back. The cloudy sky and damp road add a unique atmosphere to this mixed-use.


Etop’s Response


We have shared these non-commissioned works to Etop along with the final delivery. He was extremely surprised and immediately expressed his satisfaction with these 3D renderings. He believes these works are more compelling than the original one, and expressed his gratitude.

In the second day after the final delivery, Etop introduced Al, one of his colleagues for another upcoming project Al was in charge.

This is nothing but the supreme praise for AIMIR’s commitment to services and works. In the end of 2021, we are more than thrilled to know Etop, Al, and J* Group, and hope this partnership would continue in 2022 and the time to come.


Do you need architectural visualization services or advices? AIMIR is always here to help. Talk to us now about your project and see how AIMIR bring it to life!

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