Jim, from M* Architecture, needed 3 renderings and a short animation to market a luxury RV resort in Fredericksburg, Texas. This RV resort is under renovation now and will be open to the public next year. Before its grand opening, they need images and animations for marketing purposes. They had the project rendered but the result was not satisfying. Jim contacted our architectural visualization studio for redoing the 3D visuals. Because photorealistic 3D renderings and animations can show the future look of the design, and the mood of the space.

The results turned out to be very pleasing. Jim told us their team are highly satisfied with the results, and the marketing team came up with good feedbacks as well. Read on and find out the story of Vineyard Hills RV Resort!


The Purpose of the Project

Location of the site.


Fredericksburg has a unique identity created by the collection of historic homes and businesses in its downtown core. This area developed over many years in a unique German Hill Country style based on stone building material. Therefore, the project design should ensure the development protects and enhances the experience of entering Fredericksburg and keeps its consistent, attractive, and responsive to the unique Hill County character. Thus, Jim needed:

  • Renderings should reflect the basic building materials of exterior main wall stucco with stone wainscot, heavy timber wood exposed structure with Galvanized metal standing seam roofs.
  • The placement of trees are important, since there are changes when construction completed. Renderings should place existing trees and added trees as indicated in site plan.
  • At least 1 aerial view is needed to show around the masterplan of the resort.


Brief: What We Have

Jim really knows how to brief. This is our first corporation, but he sent us all relevant materials that we needed to create the visuals for this resort, which includes:

  • The main club house plans;
  • Site plans;
  • Site tree placement;
  • Site photos for reference;
  • Floor plan & elevations of the main club house;
  • Renderings they have done before;
  • References of the mood they want, tree info, and other references.

The site plan, floor plan, elevations and profiles.

References for trees and the site photos

Previously done renderings, they are not happy with them.

We have carefully studies the materials, and decided to start creating both the renderings and animation.


The Workflow of 3D Rendering

1 – Modelling of the building and landscape

No matter it is for rendering or animation, modelling is always the first step to start with. Since CAD plans were what we got at hand, our 3D artists built the model based on the plan. This is a process to make 3D happen using 2D plans.

Model built according to CAD plans.


2 – Texturing & setting the lighting

Before entering to the texturing process, Jim figured out the camera angles they wanted. After a couple of rounds, the camera angles were set, which are a front door view, a view from under the canopy, and an aerial view of the whole site. We stepped to texture and material procedure.

3 camera angles from the site plan.

A good example of mark-ups.

References for textures and materials.

Using all the information, our 3D artists carefully chose appropriate textures for the 3D model. After all textures were applied, we proceeded to set the illumination according to Jim’s advice.

Jim wanted all 3 renderings to be daytime mood with gentle sunshine. This is a good choice, because the resort will be easily seen during the day. However, our team suggested Jim to keep 2 of them with day while 1 with dusk. With our rich experience in choosing moods, we believe a dusk mood for a RV resort is necessary, and it’s a perfect time to show the viewer the resort under different time. We tried to set a dusk mood for the front door view and then sent to Jim, he was excited and accepted our suggestion. As a professional CGI consultant, AIMIR is always proud of giving out useful advice which help our clients get the best visualization experience.


3 – Rendering

This resort is surrounded by the beautiful forest, which makes it a challenge to set the landscape natural and realistic. For the plants, we chose the ready 3D models of the accurate kinds from our library, and render them with the whole scene. This is a better way to make the landscape natural.


4 – Post-production

One of the most challenging jobs during post-production is the RV selection. This is a luxury RV resort, so they must have very strict selection of RV range. As a result, we asked Jim about it, and Jim sent us their preference for the RV immediately.

From luxury buses to airstream trailers, they need luxury RVs with different colors.

Let’s see the final 3D renderings for this luxury RV resort!

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The Workflow of 3D Animation


1 – Modelling of the building and landscape

Modelling for animation is way more complicated than for rendering. The 3D animation was to take the viewers around this luxury RV resort. Therefore, extreme detailed model was expected.

AIMIR’s CG specialists spent twice the time refining the details of the model, in order to demonstrate the project under various cameras, such as aerial view and close-up shot.

Model for animation is more detailed.


2 – Setting storyboard and camera path

What interesting was that M* Architects didn’t have a storyboard in mind. Instead, they chose to give AIMIR the freedom to create this animation. The only requirement was to create a video that showcased the whole resort and got people’s activities involved to present a dynamic and fancy luxury RV resort. AIMIR presented a camera path as below and Jim was very happy with it.

AIMIR’s design:

  • starting with an aerial day view with basic information of location;
  • entering the resort from the entrance along to the clubhouse following an RV;
  • scenes of the entertainment area, such as the swimming pool, BBQ space, and others;
  • ending with an aerial night view of the site.


3 – Key frames

Once the camera path was confirmed, our CG specialists started to process key frames. Key frames are a bit like rendering images. They help our clients to understand how the animation will look like in some key images and also the texture, lighting and other aspects are being examined during this process.

Key frames.

4 – Scene Rendering, motion graphics and post-production

Since we have Jim’s trust, we decided to directly show him the final work. We rarely do this, because there are always inevitable disagreement or changes of the design, camera path, material, colors or anything relevant during the production. For this project, we are confident on our design and work, given our 16-year experience in creating visualization, especially our rich experience for this type of projects.

The result turned out to be satisfying. Just after a couple of rounds adjusting, they were satisfied with the animation. Please have a view of the final animation (or click here).

The Marketing Helper

Since the project was completed a week ago, Jim told us they are organizing information of the resort and will post these images and animation on their website as soon as they sort them out. We will update any information relating to their marketing results when we have them. The only thing we know right now, is they are happy with the works and have confidence in the upcoming promotion.

Photorealistic 3D rendering and animation for resort are a strong tool for marketing because they show the design of the unbuilt but also the vibe of this place. In our renderings and animation, the viewer can experience the resort’s facilities and services such as swimming pools, alcohol bar, rental cabins, and various activities they can take on site. This is what a RV resort about!


What do you think about this luxury RV resort project? Comment below and share your opinion with us. If you need any image or animation or marketing promotion, please contact AIMIR for architectural visualization services. We have tailored 3D rendering and 3D animation services for your unique project!

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