How to make an architecture project presentation impressive? What can we do to attract potential clients when pitching an architecture project? It’s not easy to convince your owner when there are only rough sketches and schematic drawings. Luckily, modern technology brings more possibilities. As for architecture, 3D architectural visualization is a mainstay that actively alters the way we design and present. Want to know how? Keep reading.

In the field of the CG industry, there are many 3D rendering software available for different requirements. Some are for new beginners, and some are for advanced users. But regardless of what stage you’re in, it’s easy to find software that can bring your design alive.  Today, Lumion is a fast and helpful 3D rendering software attracting professionals and architecture firms from all over the world. It’s a user-friendly tool that allows you to render in the most realistic ways without restrictions. Its beautiful and photoreal effect contributes a lot to convincing clients and makes the cooperation move forward in a positive way.

There are countless advantages to Lumion. I think it is more persuasive if you can see the real product made by Lumion. Here is a 3D Lumion animation of the Children Hospice project that AIMIR team made in 2019, which is for terminally ill children and their families.

When our clients first reach to us, he doesn’t have a clear view of using which software. After sorting out the files, which is saved Lumion pro9.5, we suggest he using the Lumion animation for its convenience but also photorealistic quality. Once clients approve the project, we quickly agreed on the feel that this 3D animation should be bright, cozy, colorful, and joyful, giving a feeling of happiness, and the cameras should move at a slow pace.

The whole project is located in a quiet place, surrounded by lush landscape. Access to the interior, the starry sky element is installed in the ceiling throughout each of the spaces, entrance, separate lounge, and dining areas, which echo the transitional nature of life, serving as a reminder of the magic of the twinkling heavens. The colorful wall coverings and paintings are widely used inside, building a joyful and fun environment for children. When we step inside the patient room, it’s continuing the colorful decoration, which is spacious and comfortable. There are many beautiful flowers planting in the garden and the large sliding window allows ample sunshine to get into the room. It’s nice and pain-relief when you have encompassed so many lovely things, which is like a paradise for the sickness.

Please enjoy the key frames bellow:

When we putting so much effort into the animation, background music is also an important part, which will immerse the audiences in the stunning frames. However, at first, the client did not want any sounds because it will be part of a bigger marketing video and there might be a narrator’s voice. After the discussion, the client finally determined to add background music. Here is the final animation of this project, please enjoy it.

Creating a compelling and informative 3D animation is no longer a big problem for architects with the help of the advent of CGI software. It has become much easier and the effect is growing. We can create realistic lumion animation of property, showing exterior and interior with any atmosphere and in any setting or background. AIMIR has created many photorealistic 3D animations, if you want to tell your story in an immersive and convincing way, please feel free to contact us.

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