The use of 3D interior rendering highly smooth the communication with clients as well as accelerate sales. To get a photorealistic 3D interior rendering is the must-have tool for interior design, because it improves the accuracy of the design by painting a colorful image in different perspectives compare with the dull and tedious drawings. Now that many interior design companies inclined to use 3D rendering services, there are many aspects is be of crucial for making a beautiful rendering, and the essential part of which is the visual reference.

When getting a stunning 3D visual for project presentations and marketing, there are two main factors that should be bear in mind. The first thing is to provide detailed information with CG artists as best as you could. The more you can offer, the better the final effect is. In addition, please remember to specify what particular aspect of a reference needs to recreate in the 3D rendering. Those two parts are the key to improving the accuracy of your design and also simplify the process of the project from start to finish. All in all, the efforts spending on providing visual reference is worthy as you can avoid countless back and forth in corrections and save money.

Now, let’s see what are the 4 aspects clients should know before getting a 3D interior rendering.


1.Particular items

In order to achieve 100% accuracy, it’s important to offer high res. reference of particular items to CG artist. The reference could be a piece of furniture, decoration, or ceiling layout. If there is more than one item in the reference, please make sure to pinpoint what exactly the item is to use and the location as well. As for the irregular shape item, please make sure to send different aspects of it.

Except for markup on the reference, providing links to the item is greatly helpful. In this case, the professional CG artist can check the item in high res. for details and find it out easily in their 3D model library. If the model is not available in the library, the experienced CG artists in AIMIR can bespoke the 3D model based on reference. An unambiguous reference is key to create an incredibly high-quality interior rendering.

2. Similar items

Different than the custom-made object, the simple item is referring to using a similar item. Sometimes, clients fond of some kind of furniture or décor but don’t need accurate items for the project. In this case, it’s recommended to send high res. reference and specify the item they like to use in the rendering. And then the CG artist can use the more or less similar items from the library to depicted the desired effect. By using the ready-to-use 3D model from the library, can greatly save time and money for the clients because of the high efficiency.

3. Lighting reference

No matter what type of project, there’s always a character and soul inside it. The lighting has a strong influence on defining the character of the design. In order to help the artist better understand what mood and atmosphere you’re looking for, it’s essential to provide lighting and style references. For instance, the natural light fills the room with a comfortable feel and the warm lighting at night creates a cozy atmosphere. When selecting the mood for the interior, the style of the design should be taken into consideration so as to reach a balance of each other.

4. Texture image

To achieve a high level of realism, the texture and finishing materials is crucial. The finest details like texture and finishing material deliver a different effect on the image. If you want 100% matching with the reference, providing links for checking is the first option. On the other hand, prepare a completed and full texture image that showcases the pattern in an orderly way. These are helpful ways to increase the realness of the rendering.


In conclusion, all the objects used in the rendering should be seamlessly connected and subject to the design itself. It’s no easy to create a beautiful rendering. Choosing the professional CG studio that can better understand your needs is a significant step to successful cooperation. If you’re interested in using 3D interior rendering, please feel free to contact AIMIR.




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