When it comes to interior design, the first thing comes to your mind might be the endless redesign during the process. And 3D architectural visualization service is the game-changer here. It allows unlimited design changes in a short period of time. The interior designers are free to have a look at their vision in advance.

M Residence in California is a luxurious property and is waiting for its interior design. Joo, the founder of Studio JYO, which is a high-end interior design studio based in both New York and San Francisco, was looking for some 3D renderings of her design for this house.

In March, June, July and August 2021, it totally took around five months to complete all images Joo needed. In this case study, we will gather them together to give a full view of the process of this project.


The Scope


In Joo’s picture, The M Residence will be a modern and minimal property with a warm natural tone. For this project, Joo provided CAD plans and we needed to build the model first according to the plan.

As to the views, Joo was looking at different camera angles for various spaces, namely:

  • The kitchen;
  • The family room;
  • The living room;
  • The stairs space.

She asked for one view for each space. However, there would be additional views to demonstrate different designs.


3D Interior Rendering Process


These views were not created all together in one time. Actually this project separated into four phases throughout five months. Now we will focus on the working process in this blog, so we decided to share the story by spaces.


#1. The Kitchen

The kitchen is an open kitchen with an island which faces the family room. Joo had marked the camera angle in the CAD plan.

The floor plan for first floor with the marked view for the kitchen.

Based on the CAD plans, our 3D modeling artists built the model for this property and the furniture in it, and this is the kitchen view:

After we shared it with Joo, she came back with her comments promptly. She’d like to:

  • Make the desk narrower and desk feet thinner;
  • Add window casing;
  • Remove ceiling for second level.

The next stage is to add materials and textures on the model. For this project, Joo had prepared the material references in advance.

Also, Joo has her special requirement for the view outside the windows: she wanted the indoor spaces to standout. As a result, the views outside could not be too eye-catching. Thus, we adjusted the transparency to a lower level which still kept the natural scenery but less visible.

Please enjoy the final 3D rendering of the kitchen:


#2. The Family Room

The family room is served as a casual space for family members to gather. Following the same working process, we firstly checked the view in the CAD plan as shown below:

Next, our 3D artists selected the camera angle in the 3D model, added the materials, textures and lighting, and rendered it in 4K resolution. The below GIF shows the process and final image:

After we delivered the final images, Joo said she would like to update the design. In particular, she wanted to:

  • Change the dome pendant lights in the kitchen with three different options;
  • Replace the console table and chairs behind the sofa with three different options.

In order to make the images consistent, we needed to update both the kitchen and family room views. This time, it won’t take long to get the final results because our 3D artists only replaced a couple of items.


#3. The Living Room

There are two options for the living room, each with different rug, art and fireplace designs. The confirmed camera angle was a front view.

oo marked the camera angle in the CAD plan.

We soon got this view from the 3D model:

And these are the final works for two options:


#4. The Stairs

The stairs are an important space to bridge the mood. Here, Joo hopes to deliver a modern and minimalist interior for this property. Accordingly, she decided to go with four different options for the light fixtures. In 3D rendering, this doesn’t take a long time, and makes it possible to compare various designs at the same time.

Elevation for the stairs.

Our 3D artists built the models for four different lighting fixtures and shared the model drafts.

Since Joo wanted to see the different results of the wood treads and risers, we created different options for those as well. And the final images are here.

Soon, there were more light fixtures Joo wanted to try out. We collected the details and built the models. These are the final images for the new light fixture options.


The Feedback

Our renderings helped Joo with her presentation to her clients. She emailed us with the latest news about the property, which she wrote:

“It’s been great working with you!

It really elevated my work and presentations.

Need to find more projects to work on!

Here are some M snap shots!

We are still finalizing a few things obviously.

I’ll send you more professional shots once we are fully done and styled.


We are very happy to work with Joo for this interior project! First, we love her brief. She is so well-organized and prepared lots of files, including CAD plans and various references. Second, the communication is easy. She always give the pinpointed comments on our drafts, and reply emails promptly. Last but not least, it is a challenging project! There were inevitable changes in the design during the working process. Joo prepared the information for the updated parts in advance, so that our process was smooth and fast. As a consequence, the final results are incredible!

At last, we’d like to share some site photos Joo sent to us. It is such a touching experience to see the design come to life little by little. The site is under construction now, and we’ll share more shots if Joo updates any in the future!


Need powerful 3D renderings for your real estate project? Are you hesitating to decide which design is more suitable for the property? Talk to our professional 3D rendering team, and we will help design your property!

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