Juraj brought us this 3D architectural animation project for a mixed-use development on the outskirts of CBD of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Their team needed a one-minute 3D flythrough for marketing and reporting to the city in 2 weeks. In the animation, they hope to show briefly what they are going to build especially the bigger multifunctional hall and public spaces. This way, they are able to persuade the municipality and public that the overall idea and entire concept is the right one.

To support their intention and at the same time develop the design stage of the project, we created this persuasive 3D animation. And we recorded the production process and share it with you today.


The Scope & Brief


As a mixed-use development, the New Istropolis consists of a big multi-function hall for concerts, events and congresses, a hotel, the commercial buildings with offices and retails, and residential buildings.


Old site from Google Earth.

Thus, as our client summarized, the fly-through animation should:

  • Shot from the level of a person or higher;
  • Around 60 seconds;
  • Showcase the main buildings’ exterior: the multifunctional hall, public spaces, and retails;
  • At the same time emphasize the greenery on squares;
  • Use daytime as the mood to show this vibrant project clearly.

Also, Juraj had shared the camera path they wanted:


Including the camera path, the brief was detailed and well-organized. In the brief:

  • The model in 3ds Max;
  • A detailed camera path description with over 300 words;
  • Old renderings for surrounding context and mood references;
  • Other references such as the sculpture on the plaza.


Working Process of 3D Animation


In general, the workflow of 3D architectural animation is camera path confirmation – 3D modeling – key frames with texturing & lighting – 3D rendering & motion graphics – post-production – final delivery. You can find more details regarding the process here.


3D modeling

Since we’ve already received a confirmed camera path, we could directly move to the next stage: 3D modeling.

It’s always an awesome idea to include 3D models to the brief because they speed up the process and decrease the 3D animation price to some extent. We firstly fine-tuned the 3D model. This included improving the geometry, setting the surrounding context, and minimizing weight.

Our client would like to use white masses to compose the surroundings, as they would minimize the existence of neighbors and draw attention to the main structures.


The 3D model draft.


Key frames

After Juraj’s team confirmed the model back, we moved on to the next stage: setting lighting and applying textures. For the better reference, Juraj added some previous renderings of the project. We studies them carefully to build a detailed scene with the accurate materials.


Reference renderings from Juraj.

At the same time, they’ve provided the reference photo of the sculpture in the center of a plaza. We needed to build a 3D model based on it.


The Sculpture Istropolis.

The first thing to take care of was the replication of texture and materials. Juraj said the provided renders have the desired materials, so we must strictly follow them. Moreover, the landscape especially the vegetation should have rich layers and varied in design.

In the rendering scene, our 3D artists created a public space according to the project information and provided renders. At last, here are the approved key frames.


3D rendering & post-production

When the key frames were set, we’re ready to render the 3D animation preview. This is for the final confirmation of the animation, so we only sent a low-resolution draft. After one round of minor adjustment, the final 3D fly-through was ready! We delivered this 3D fly-through in 4K resolution in mp4. and mov. Format as promised.

Our client slightly edited the 3D animation based on their marketing needs, and we’re privileged to get the consent to share it today.

It is our pleasure to work on this 3D animation project for a real estate development. First of all, we really enjoyed the working process with Juraj’s team. From their detailed camera path description to the use of old renders as material and landscaping instruction, they are really expert in briefing. Second, they commented fast on drafts. This in turn gave our 3D team plenty of time working on the project with the right direction. Finally, we love this creative design! Being part of the project is like creating part of the spaces that enhance the experience.


3D architectural animation is a smart tool to elevate an architect’s work and presentation. With the help of a professional 3D architectural visualization team, it is no longer a difficult job to explain your work.

Looking for photorealistic 3D animations for your real estate project? Talk to our professional 3D architectural visualization team about your project, and our 3D team will enrich the future scene with a matching story.

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