It doesn’t matter if you’re an architectural startup, or a small business owner, it is difficult to stand out and attract new clients and projects in such a crowded industry. For industrial giants, it’s usually okay to assign budgets on marketing. However, being a small business means limited budget on marketing in most of the cases.

Fortunately, it is a VISUAL world. Today, the architecture language is not about the design only, but also about visual stories they are telling and presentations on social media. In a word, it’s about HOW the architecture being demonstrated.

Architectural Visualization (aka. ArchViz) is no doubt the most excellent way to market your business. AIMIR, as an ArchViz veteran, is happy to share with you 3 examples why we say that.


ArchViz Help Design the Undesigned

If you have no idea when to come to an ArchViz professional, this project will tell you the answer: whenever. Yes, you can speak to an ArchViz studio when you just have a rough conceptual design. Check the Royal Manor Residential Project:

A single sketch was the only file when starting the project.

A 3-story residential building in Canada is in need of 3D visualization. However, the design is not finished. AIMIR built the model based on the sketch above, and redesigned with our client together.

Final rendering.

Try to image the marketing result difference between the original sketch and the final 3D rendering. Which do you think is better? I guess there is no second answer.

Another great thing about ArchViz is that the design can be changed during the production. It is a feature of both time- and cash-saving that most ArchViz users are fond of.

The design had changed a couple of times during the production of 3D rendering.

A photorealistic 3D rendering of this apartment makes it efficient, attractive and most importantly, will sell.


ArchViz Help Build a Professional Portfolio

You shouldn’t stop at it but a professional portfolio is one of the things that will help your real estate business become a successful one. Thus, this is the best way to attract right audience to create lucrative opportunities.

What’s more, the portfolio is not just a collection of your best works ever. It is the path to finding potential clients by attracting the targeted type of audience. Check the Reizen Residence Project:

Final rendering


A 2-story house under renovation. Our client is a professional architect who is specialized in designing and constructing homes. He came to us and hope to get some renderings to fill his portfolio – to tell his clients that he is an expert in renovating as well.

By saving a lot of efforts and money, these renderings helped a lot in selling this property. At the same time, they provided a strong demonstration of our client’s mastery and skills as this will surely and without doubt encourage his potential clients to get in touch with him.


ArchViz Help Demonstrate the Unbuilt

It is one thing to have a beautifully designed apartment building in a sought-after location with luxury units, but it is entirely a different thing to have hyperrealistic images of this property before the foundation if poured. This particular feature makes ArchViz especially invaluable to real estate agents and developers.

The fact is, people won’t buy if they haven’t seen the property; city council won’t approve if they haven’t had an explicit idea of the design and plan. As a result, to make things faster, ArchViz is the best choice. Check the Naladhu Ocean House Project:

AIMIR’s 3D renderings on the official website where visitors can book for this private island.

A developer were looking for 3D renderings for a private island in Maldives. The island was under renovation, and they wanted to show the future look of the island for marketing. They would use the renderings on the booking website, newsletter, and local newspaper.


The above examples have summarized how ArchViz optimize marketing for real estate industry. If you are an architect, designer, constructor, developer, or agent, and are looking for top-notch 3D architectural visualization works, please don’t hesitate to talk with AIMIR!

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