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2019 Hybrid Future Architecture Concept Design Competition

TimContest Type: Architectural Design
Submitting Period: Dec 17th, 2018-April 15th, 2019 (Deadline)

Design Challenge

In the coming decades, the basic direction of work will call for faster transmission technology and require the participants to design a skyscraper that integrates office space and flight centers (that is, both open and private). Ground commuting is increasingly unpopular because of low space utilization. Instead, air travel would be less restrictive, cheaper, and more popular. It is our hope to increase the efficiency of both types in the future. The challenge is how to design and create a more diverse and mixed future building that can accommodate these two outstanding types.

About the Competition

With the development of urbanization and iteration of technology, the cities are in need of reducing its density. Nowadays the function of space is merging and intersecting constantly. Our daily life is full of such examples. For instance, the restaurant can be used as common office space in the morning and a club in the evening. The 2019 Hybrid Future Architecture Concept Design Competition will explore this programmable derivative on a more futuristic timeline and in a more dense scenario.

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