Registration Time: March 1-April 30

Theme and Background of the competition

With the acceleration of the urbanization process, the word “split” in the college of old and new cities has erased the profound historical culture, and tough regulations have driven away from the natural and friendly social life and communication activities between people. But people’s expectations and desires for everyday places of communication where encounters occur have never stopped.

With the topic of “Space Excavation-Urban Organic Renewal Design”, this competition aims to guide architectural students to pay attention to the renewal of urban space, the improvement of the urban environment and the construction of urban communities from a professional perspective. Through space excavation, new functions are implanted. This will stimulate the vitality of urban space, improve the quality of the urban environment, create the public value of urban communities, and eventually achieve the improvement of the quality of human settlements environment.

The program should fully reflect the understanding of urban repair and ecological restoration, as well as the understanding of innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing. At the same time, it must also use computer-aided design, building information model (BIM), building performance simulation, and other technologies to demonstrate the control or optimization of data in the building generation process.

Important Date of the Competition

1. 2019 Valley Rain Cup National College Student Sustainable Architecture Design Competition
2. March 1, 2019-April 30, 2019
Participants signed up online.
3. May 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019
Participants submitted preliminary works via the Internet.
4. July 1, 2019-July 15, 2019, technical review time.
5. July 16, 2019-July 31, 2019
The division first instance and announced the finalist works.
6. September 1, 2019-September 15, 2019, the final defense review was held and an award ceremony was held.

Participants and Requirements

1. Participants request

The competition is aimed at full-time college students (including graduate students) and vocational college students throughout the country. They form groups of 1-4 people to participate voluntarily. Each group of instructors does not exceed 2 people. Each team shall appoint a student as the team leader to be responsible for the registration of the team at BIM Zhinet and the submission of later works. Each school shall designate a teacher to be responsible for the contact, organization and direction of the competition.

2. Design requirements

(1) The true background requirements of the entry scheme.
(2) Functional requirements sharing and spatial update process.
(3) Digitization of architectural forms and construction forms.
(4) Sustainability design.

3. Software requirements

All submitted works must use Autodesk Revit software to generate the BIM model and try to use Autodesk Dynamo Studio software to create a computational design model for the designed building. For example, using the relevant Autodesk software to create a computational design model and carry out green building technology analysis, the technical score can be improved in appropriate amounts.

4.Request for submission

(1) Drawings requirements:
There are 2 A1 drawings in JPG format with a pixel resolution of 200dpi. The total plane ratio and the main flat, vertical and profile ratios are determined according to the design depth. It is required to place a large sample diagram and profile view of the building node that can reflect the characteristics of BIM modeling. A number of field surveys and analysis maps, effect maps, or model photos. The contents of the drawings were produced by Revit software and deposited into the compressive package submission.

(2) Electronic pictures:
Design effect picture, status picture, topographic map each one, JPG format, resolution 2048 × 1536 pixels, for later promotion use.

(3) Flat, vertical, profile, large sample electronic drawings of nodes and Revit models (size not exceeding 500M).

(4) Two video files, one for the daily records of the contestants during the competition (including the author’s self-introduction), and one for the production concept and design highlights. Requirements: MP4 format video (each video 3-5 minutes, the total file size does not exceed 300M).(5) Once the work is submitted, it cannot be changed again. If the background data is failed due to personal operations, the responsibility is borne by the contestants themselves.

If you want to know more about the participation method and detailed information, please feel free to contact us and we will reply to you in 24h. Aimir CG would be glad to inform you of all kinds of design events and help you address the challenges of taking part in these competitions and contests. Do not worry. The consultation would be completely free.

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