International Institute of Architecture
Asia-Pacific Institute for Habitat Environment

Theme: Innovation is Everywhere

The architectural design of developing countries is full of vitality and changes. It is a landmark chapter in the history of world architecture. This design exhibition hopes to attract innovative design works as widely as possible, and maximize the selection and recognition of innovative works by designers to promote the cultural exchanges of international architectural designs.


Teachers, students, designers, and design enthusiasts of domestic and foreign design colleges can participate in the competition as individual or a team of no more than 5 people. Real estate development companies, design institutions and other legal persons can also participate in the competition. They must directly contact the organizing committee for participation, payment and selection.

Request for submission of work

1. Design works must be located in developing countries. They can be actual projects that have been built, are under construction or have not been built. They can also be experimental research and exploration or student design operations.
2. The drawing size and content of the design work are not limited, but the electronic document should be JPG or PDF format and its resolution should not be lower than 100DPI.
3. The drawings of the design work should include a brief design description that can assist in explaining the design intentions and characteristics of the work. The number of characters is not limited, but the language and text should be Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) or English.
4. The deadline for submission of works and registration fees is May 31, 2019. The organizing committee will award and issue certificates in June 2019.

Type of Entry

1. Architectural Design
2. Urban Planning
3. Municipal Engineering
4. Landscape
5. Interior Design

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