2016 was a fruitful and productive year. AIMIR has met so many nice clients and been involved in numerous great projects. We have been constantly sharing some of our works on social media. Thanks to all of you, we got many “likes” and comments. As we look back, we find some works seem to be more popular than others. So in this post, we pick up the top 10 3D renderings that got most “likes”. Let’s see which ones made the cut!

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0525图集 (21)_副本
0525图集 (6)
0626图集 (42)
0626图集 (54)
161025-NY-ROTTERDAM PROJECT-Aimee (2)_副本
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After enjoying a splendid 2016, we AIMIR are working really hard to make 2017 a more awesome one. The only way we can achieve is by offering you the best renderings and animations. We know what to do, and we will definitely do it!

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