With the advancement of architectural visualization, more architects and designers choose 3D renderings rather than handmade ones. Sharp tools make good work. Choosing the right software not only could help you achieve remarkable results but also reduce your workload. Today, we’ll give a whole list of 10 most popular architectural rendering software for you.

1. V-Ray

Price: $730 for a license (fairly competitive price)

Popularity: widely used

Difficulty of operation: it takes time to master, unfriendly for beginner


  • A library with resourceful materials and textures and gives amazing realism to renders
  • It offers lots of options and versatility but it takes time to get influent
  • Compatible with other popular architectural rendering software


2. 3Ds Max

Price: $195/month

Popularity: the most popular

Difficulty of operation: it requires time to master


  • Suitable to be used as an interface with Autodesk products like Revit and AutoCAD
  • If using Revit to do 3D modeling, the onboard renderer in 3Ds Max is pretty handy. 
  • The Revit model imported into 3D Max and the output can be more compelling than using Revit

3. Blender

Price: free and distribute

Popularity: commonly welcome by architects

Difficulty of operation: easy to learn


  • It’s well operation because of countless tools and features which are practical to make realistic designs
  • It’s user-friendly and can get support online easily
  • A plethora of features to provide you with any tool, no matter what you want to design

4. Revit

Price$2310/year a license

Popularity: well-known among the professional

Difficulty of operation: it takes time to master


  • A library with many different tools and features as well as textures, models and materials to help you create the stunning rendering
  • Easy to get online customer and community support
  • streamlined workflow and a number of advanced rendering capabilities

Attention: If you are acquainted with this software, amazing renders can be easily created.

5. Cinema 4D

Price: $3510 a license (too expensive)

Popularity: especially for beginners

Difficulty of operation: simple and easy to use, but still needs some time to master


  • Fast and intuitive
  • Great tools and features to support your renderings
  • An intuitive interface and clear instruction
  • A helpful system with quality online guidance


6. Maxwell

Pricefree to distribute and use

Popularity: It’s a standard for architecture students

Difficulty of operation: it’s easy to master


  • too slow for the production
  • easy operation for both experienced and beginners
  • equipped with lighting engine “unbiased rendering” that creates modeling based on real-life instead of digital tricks

Attention: Add Maxwell Fire could save some time.


7. Octane Render

Price: $399 for a license (quite affordable)

Popularity: the number of users is rising

Difficulty of operation: better to be familiar with most other renderers


  • A powerful rendering software with the fastest speed
  • Its lightning-fast engine ensures the speed without sacrificing the quality
  • A verity of useful tools and features accompanied by resourceful libraries of textures and materials
  • Works smoothly on Nvidia cards 5. equipped with up-to-dated technology that easily deals with complex issues such as subsurface scattering, motion blur, etc

8. Lumion 3D

Price: need to purchase a license to use (but free for students)

Popularity: the users are growing

Difficulty of operation: easy to use


  • compatible with other 3D rendering software on the market
  • user-friendly, advanced and fast


9. Punch Home Design Studio

Price: $25 on Amazon

Popularity: it receives high popularity among the less professional

Difficulty of operation: it’s suitable for beginners


  • it excels at creating interior visualizations, landscape, and home rendering
  • operate with ease and friendly for the less experienced

10. Corona

Price: a standard license at $530 or a monthly subscription


Difficulty of operation: it requires time to master


  • integration with 3DS Max (no need to worry about compatibility and complexity)
  • Fast speed but still incomparable with VRAY or Octane Render
  • Compelling animations and stunning lighting effects

Attention: It is an incomplete rendering software it would be a great help if you have a trial order before purchasing

All in all, every software has its pros and cons, therefore it’s difficult to find the best software in the world and the only best one is the one that suitable for you. Most of the software on this list offers a free trial option. You can have a try comprehensively before buying a license. Hope this blog can help you choose the best amid the enormous software market.

What kind of 3d rendering software have you always used? Did you meet some problems or have some unforgettable experiences during the procedure? You’re more than welcome to share your comments or contact Aimir.

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